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Jon Stewart’s Funniest Daily Show Moments Ever: Celebrating the Host’s Legacy

Jon Stewart's The Daily Show Best Moments
Jon Stewart is retiring from The Daily Show after the Aug. 6 episode. 

Bye forever, Jon Stewart! Much to the dismay of his loyal fanbase, the veteran comedian is leaving The Daily Show on Aug. 6 after 16 years serving as the show's witty host, and will pass the torch to Trevor Noah.

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Throughout Stewart's tenure on the nightly program, he's interviewed countless celebrities, skewered political power-players, and given audiences a refreshing take on news and politics — all of which has made him one of the most influential voices in the media. But Stewart is unique thanks to the fact that he also happens to be completely hilarious.

We've rounded up the host's most iconic (and funniest) moments on The Daily Show to celebrate his departure. How will we get through the 2016 presidential election without him?!

Bush versus Bush

Let's throw things back to 2003, when Stewart hosted a "debate" between President George W. Bush and Governor George W. Bush in a video mash-up that highlighted Dubya's hypocrisies. This is absolutely Stewart at his best and most clever. 

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War on Christmas — S#@t's Getting Weird Edition

In which Stewart noted the media's inexplicable fixation with the "War on Christmas," and showed some amusing clips of enraged pundits hating on Festivus. Two words: Manger danger!

Anna Hathaway Cracks Up

When he wasn't busy with political takedowns, Stewart spent his time interviewing celebrities. This chat with Anne Hathaway (wherein she explains her movie in the most depressing way ever) reigns supreme.

Chaos on Bulls**t Mountain

Remember when poor ol' Mitt Romney accidentally accused 47 percent of Americans of being entitled victims? Yeah, Stewart had a lot to say about that good time….

Me Lover's Pizza With Crazy Broad

Back in 2011, Donald Trump offended New Yorkers everywhere by taking Sarah Palin to an inferior pizza joint, and then eating said pizza with a knife and fork (the horror!). It was a painful moment for everyone involved, especially Stewart. 

Prince Charles' Scandal

Watching Stephen Colbert and Stewart try to get through this segment on Prince Charles' sex scandal without cracking up is a true gift from the comedy heavens.

Lactate Intolerance

Stewart's never shied away from mocking Fox News' Megyn Kelly, and in this clip he points out how her views on maternity leave changed after she popped out a baby. Classic. 

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Victoria Beckham Throws Shade

And finally, a video of Victoria Beckham (in her Posh Spice days) telling Stewart he isn't funny. How wrong she was.

Jon Stewart's final Daily Show airs Thursday, Aug. 6, at 11 p.m. ET on Comedy Central.

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