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Kanye West Vows to Not “Talk S–t” for “Six Months, At Least”

Kanye West
Kanye West has vowed to not "talk s--t" or say anything negative about anyone for "six months, at least"

Is Kanye West turning over a new leaf in the new year? The "Bound 2" rapper, 36 — whose countless rants have gotten him into trouble on more than a few occasions over the last several months — has vowed to keep his mouth shut for "six months, at least" in 2014. He made the proclamation in a 27-minute-long speech at his final Yeezus concert of the year in Toronto, Canada, on Monday, Dec. 23.

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"Everything I'm saying that's not allowed, soak it in right now. This might be the last time y'all hear me talk s–t for a long time," he told the crowd. "Might be another, like, six months. At least. You're just gonna have to run back the interviews and s–t if you wanna hear some realness!"

"I'm gonna tell y'all right now: All of the ideas, the things they call rants…save those tapes and everything," he continued. "Because I've decided to completely focus everything in 2014 on all the new ideas, all the creative outlets."

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The controversial hip hop star went on to address some of his issues with companies like Nike, which declined to give him royalties for his Air Yeezy footwear. "I'm not [going to] ever bring up Nike again. The only way I'll bring them up is in a positive light," he resolved. "Because I actually appreciate the opportunity to have been able to make my own shoe with them, and if I didn't have the opportunity I wouldn't have my deal I have with Adidas right now."

He made a similar promise regarding the Grammys, which earned his ire earlier this month for giving him only two nominations for his critically acclaimed album Yeezus.

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"I'll never bring up the Grammys again in a negative light. Because I actually appreciate the 21 Grammys that I did win," he told his cheering fans. "I'm not gonna be the dude who has all the opportunities in the world and just focuses on the negative and complains about it."

"So I'm letting y'all know in this last Yeezus show that this is the last time you'll ever hear me say anything negative about anyone," he vowed. "Because you only get the energy that you put out into the world."

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With that in mind, West — engaged to Kim Kardashian, with whom he has a 6-month-old daughter, North — plans to focus his passion on his art. "I feel like I really want to be expressive with my work, with my music," he said. "I want to be expressive with this opportunity I have with Adidas, and just go home to my family."

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