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Kelsey Grammer Is Considering ‘Frasier’ Revival: Report

The cast of Frasier NBC

Getting the gang back together? Kelsey Grammer is reportedly hoping to revive his iconic ‘90s series, Frasier.

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The Emmy winner, 63, has met with writers and producers to explore reboot ideas, Deadline reported on Wednesday, July 25. The series would feature a new character played by Grammer and would be set in a different city. It would still draw inspiration from the beloved NBC sitcom, which ran for 11 seasons from 1993 to 2004. The project is still in the “very, very early” stages, according to Entertainment Tonight.

Although Grammer now seems to be on board, he revealed to Fox News in December 2016 that a Frasier reunion is unlikely. “No, I’m very happy with what I’m doing now,” he told the network at the time. “I look back at the past as a very fond place but I’d like to keep it that way.”

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However, the Golden Globe winner seemed to have a change of heart while speaking with TV Guide in July 2017. “There has been some talk, but it’s nothing but talk,” he explained of a revival possibility. “There are so many people that would be lined up to get their cut that even trying to finance a reboot of Frasier would be nightmarish.”

The beloved series, a spinoff of NBC’s Cheers, won 37 Emmys during its run. It centered on Dr. Frasier Crane (Grammer), a radio psychiatrist who returned to his hometown of Seattle after ending his marriage. In the series finale, Frasier moves to Chicago with girlfriend Charlotte (Laura Linney) instead of heading to San Francisco to benefit his career. The show also starred David Hyde Pierce, Jane Leeves, Peri Gilpin and the late John Mahoney.

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While speaking to TV Guide, Grammer expressed concerns that Dr. Frasier’s relationship with Charlotte wouldn’t go the distance. “It would be neat to see what happened to him because clearly he never had any luck in love,” he noted.

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