Kit Harington Reveals the Game of Thrones White Walker Battle Scene Took an Entire Month to Film

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Fans weren’t the only ones clamoring for more during the Sunday, May 31 epic White Walkers battle on Game of Thrones. Star Kit Harington told HuffPost Live during a June 1 interview that he “loved” the scenes that appeared in the third to last episode of season 5 — and he should, since the sequences took the cast and crew one full month to film.

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“I loved last night’s episode. I hoped it would live up to the month we spent filming it. That 20-minute sequence took a month. I hoped it worked and seeing the final thing, I thought it was great,” the actor told HuffPost Live. “Some of the fondest memories I have of Thrones are of that month.”

Kit Harington - Jon Snow Game of Thrones
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As HBO’s Game of Thrones depiction begins to deviate more and more from the George R.R. Martin book series, Harington is hopeful his character will have a chance to come into his own. “He’s more of your classic hero, I guess. He’s got his problems,” mused Snow’s portrayer. “What’s really intriguing for me this season is getting to break out of that younger self and becoming a man. Jon’s wiser than me. I wouldn’t be able to do many of the things Jon’s been resisting. He has more of a sense of duty that many modern men have.”

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Indeed, Snow heeded the call on the May 31 episode. Facing attack from the White Walkers and their army of snow zombies, Snow fought valiantly before he was forced to retreat to the boats and watched helplessly as everyone on the shore was slaughtered and turned into White Walkers themselves.

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Harington has given up on trying to predict his character’s next move — and rather than dish on spoilers, he often just throws up his hands. “[Everything you’re thinking] is true! I don’t know,” he joked to HuffPost Live. “I love hearing the theories, but there are three men who seemingly know what’s going to happen: George, David [Benioff], and D.B. [Weiss]. They are so tight-lipped.”

One thing Harington does know for sure? He’s ready to send his costumes to the cleaners! “That cloak hasn’t been washed in five years. It smells like a wet dog,” he said.

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