Lisa Lampanelli Explodes at Dayana Mendoza on Celebrity Apprentice

Lisa Lampanelli has had no problem speaking her piece on NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice, and Sunday’s episode was no exception.

Working with project manager Dayana Mendoza and teammate Clay Aiken to create a catchy jingle, comic Lampanelli quickly grew tired of Mendoza’s mismanagement of their group. The only problem? She decided to blow up at her Project Manager just as Donald Trump, Jr. paid them a visit to assess their progress.

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In the explosive video clip above, former Miss Universe Mendoza, 25, threw Lampanelli, 50, under the bus to Don Jr. when giving all of the credit to Aiken, 33, even though he and Lampanelli collaborated during the task.

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When Lampanelli demanded she get some credit, Mendoza unloaded on Don, Jr. “It’s tough — [Clay] knows what he’s doing and she’s been very loud,” Mendoza told him during the progress meeting.

lampanelli vs mendoza
Lisa Lampanelli and Dayana Mendoza Taylor Hill/Getty; Cindy Ord/Getty

“That’s not true — this whole day I’ve been very very quiet and you’re being passive aggressive and it’s not cool. I can’t even take your bulls–t,” Lampanelli countered, as Aiken stepped in to thank the comic for her contributions. “I have been quiet, ask any of these people, and you have to tell him I’m loud? If you want loud, honey, you f–king got it!” Lampanelli fumed.

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Once Don Jr. was out of earshot, the comic further slammed her competitor Mendoza. “I don’t like being lied about. I give credit where credit’s due. I tell Mr. Trump the truth every time. Even if I hate her guts, I say ‘she was good as a Project Manager,'” Lampanelli reasoned. “The fact that she lied in my ear — she was too stupid not to do it behind my back — proves [she’s] dead from the neck up.”

In the end, Mendoza’s Team Forte lost the challenge and Mendoza was forced to attend her seventh boardroom session with Mr. Trump.

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“I think you’re a fantastic person, you’ve been here a lot, and you’ve escaped, but you escaped fairly. You’re a beautiful woman, you have an amazing career, but Dayana, you’re fired,” Trump said, before showing Mendoza the door.

Watch more of Lampanelli and Mendoza’s epic confrontation in the clip above and tell Us: Are you on Team Lisa or Team Dayana?

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