‘Little Women: Atlanta’ Season Premiere Recap: Minnie Admits to Faking Her Pregnancy

No shade, just beads! It was a catchy slogan that turned out to be not so applicable to the season premiere of Little Women: Atlanta. On the Wednesday, January 4, episode, the bad blood between Minnie, Monie and Juicy was still going strong, and it seemed that not even a fun day celebrating gay pride would go smoothly. 

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The episode opened with Minnie; Minnie’s mom, TammieAmanda; and Andrea meeting up at a spa for some body wraps that allegedly would help them detox and lose inches. From the looks of it, the treatment involved vacuum-packing their bodies into Saran wrap and using an elliptical machine. It was unclear how effective it was, but Minnie said she was “done with the negativity” of the reunion and was focusing on being the best version of herself.

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Later, Tanya — a single mother of two who runs her own health and wellness company — met up with Monie. During their chat, Monie informed Tanya that Minnie was no longer her co–maid of honor, and Tanya informed Monie that she was hiring her friend Samantha to be her nanny so she could more effectively run her business. About two seconds after Sam arrived, however, she worried she had gotten in over her head. Still, she agreed with Tanya that it was a good idea to have everyone over for a small party (because everyone was getting along so well!).

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Party Like a Rock Star

And by that we mean … fight. Tanya and Sam welcomed Juicy, Monie, Andrea, Amanda and Minnie over for some drinks and girl talk. Soon, however, the conversation turned to the blowup between Juicy and Minnie that took place during the reunion. Juicy insisted she hadn’t spoken to Minnie since then, because she was busy with work, but earlier at the hair salon, Juicy had confessed she felt their friendship had run its course. Pressed about the black balloon she had given Minnie in her gift bag at the taping, however, Juicy admitted it was spiteful.

“Who keeps a deflated balloon? That’s a bitter-ass, hoarding-ass bitch,” Minnie reasoned. (ICYMI, the other girls all got candy in their bags.) Amanda took Minnie’s side, feeling Monie and Juicy were ganging up on Minnie, and Tanya used a sage wand to cleanse Minnie of the bad energy. (Monie and Juicy had stormed out by that point.)

Later, Monie and Juicy met for coffee, where Juicy said it was “crazy” that the twins had come at her at Tanya’s party. “They need to shut the hell up and mind their own business,” she said.

Andrea Tries to Make It Work With Chris

Meanwhile, Andrea had her own troubles. Her daughter, Aubrey, had to have a feeding tube to make sure food didn’t get caught in her lungs when she ate. Andrea tried showing boyfriend Chris how to manage the contraption used to feed the little girl, but he didn’t seem to be paying very close attention. In between trying to get Chris interested in helping care for Aubrey, Andrea told him she thought Juicy was to blame for the situation with Minnie because Juicy was instigating it. Chris seemed about as interested in that tidbit as he did in helping out with Aubrey.

The cast of 'Little Women: Atlanta.'
The cast of ‘Little Women: Atlanta.’ 2016 A&E Television

Gay Pride or Bust

Tanya’s gay friends invited all the girls to ride on their float in the gay pride parade. Though Juicy predicted it was a “bad idea” to have them all together after yet another fight, Tanya argued the whole day was about being inclusive and celebrating differences. “I’m going to go, but I don’t trust Minnie,” Juicy said, sighing. Tanya cheered, “No shade, just beads!” It was a nice idea.

For the float, they all dressed up in sexy nurse outfits. (The friend whose float it was happened to be a doctor, so the ladies thought this went well with the overall theme.) As they got ready, Tanya pulled Minnie to the side to check in on how she was feeling. Minnie said she felt “awkward” being in the room with Monie and Juicy but insisted she had let go of the past.

“The stuff that happened was f–ked-up,” Tanya conceded. “But one part of letting something go is actually letting something go.” In other words, Tanya didn’t believe for one second that Minnie was actually over it. The ride on the float went off without a hitch, however, and they all headed to a grassy hill to hang out afterward. Clearly touched by all the positive energy and by Tanya’s wise words, Minnie thought it was time to set the record straight with Juicy and asked her for a sidebar.

Once she had Juicy’s undivided attention, Minnie admitted, “I just wanted to clear everything and tell you just up front, I wasn’t pregnant.”

Tell Us: How do you think Juicy is going to respond?

Little Women: Atlanta airs on Lifetime Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET. 

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