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Logan Lerman Looks Back on ‘Jack and Bobby’ a Decade Later (Exclusive)

Logan Lerman attends AOL Build Presents to discuss the film "Indignation" at AOL HQ on July 26, 2016 in New York City.
Logan Lerman attends AOL Build Presents to discuss the film "Indignation" at AOL HQ on July 26, 2016 in New York City.Laura Cavanaugh/Getty Images

It’s been more than a decade since Logan Lerman starred in Jack & Bobby, and yet he still gets called by the title character — thanks to his best friend.

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“He does not call me Logan. He calls me Bobby. When we’re out with people he calls me Bobby,” the actor tells Us Weekly of Dean Collins, who played Warren Feide on the series. “Everybody is like, ‘Why the hell are you calling him Bobby? Where did this nickname come from?’ And it’s just an inside Jack & Bobby joke.”

Logan Lerman and Matt Long in ‘Jack & Bobby
Logan Lerman and Matt Long in ‘Jack & Bobby Bryan Chan/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

He adds: “It’s so funny I got to meet my best friend on the show. We had a blast.”

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The short-lived WB show focused on the early years of Bobby McCallister (Lerman), the future President of the United States from 2041 to 2049. In-between scenes, Lerman and Feide would film “little mockery-mentaries” on set.

“It feels like a while ago but it was the start of my education in film and I have all of these really wonderful, rich memories. I was probably 12 at the time. Going to set every day and getting to learn from each department,” the Perks of Being a Wallflower star, 26, tells Us.

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The Greg Berlanti-created series also starred Christine Lahti, Matt Long, Jessica Paré and John Slattery while special appearances were made by the late Carrie Fisher and Bradley Cooper.

“We would make short films on set all the time and just be learning. We would have these great subjects like Bradley Cooper. He was on the show for a little bit before Wedding Crashers,” Lerman continues. “That was a really great learning experience for me at that age. It was really special. But I was kind of glad it didn’t carry on for more seasons in a weird way. I was kind of exhausted by the end of it and just wanted to make movies. So it was kind of the perfect one season where I got this great film school with all of these wonderfully, talented people and then I can go off and explore again.”

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