Louis C.K. Admits He Thwarted Jimmy Fallon’s Early Career Dreams, Watch the Hilarious Video

First Nicole Kidman, now Louis C.K.!

Turns out guests on the Tonight Show can’t help letting out jaw-dropping revelations to Jimmy Fallon about his past!

The talk show host had another hilarious moment on the Tuesday, April 7 show, when he discovered his guest star, comedian Louis C.K. had actively campaigned to keep him off television when he was a young wannabe star.

C.K. reminded the show host of an audition he’d done back in the ’90s to try and get a gig on The Dana Carvey Show, which ran for seven episodes on ABC.

Fallon remembered the audition (although slightly differently to how C.K., who was the lead writer on the show at the time, remembered it) but was stunned to hear the honest-talking comedian had actively worked to prevent a younger Fallon from ever getting a start on television, because he was jealous of his looks.

“You came in and you were a young, adorable little boy,” C.K. explained. “I mean he was a grown man, I’m not a creep,” he continued. “But you were playing the guitar and you had these little troll dolls and you were singing songs about troll dolls. Then you’d turn around and wiggle your ass a little bit, because you were young and you had a tight little ass” he said.

“What are you talking about?” yelled Fallon, in hysterical laughter.

“You did it two or three times,” replied C.K. before battling to and fro with Fallon about the memory.

But then came the real shocker: Everyone had loved Fallon’s audition apart from C.K. and one other male writer.

Louis C.K.
Louis C.K. made a shocking revelation on The Tonight Show NBC

“All the women were like, ‘That guy has to be on,’” C.K. continued. “And me and this guy Dino were like, ‘Never him, I will quit.’ I think I actually said, ‘I will quit the show if you hire that kid!’ I was dead against you!” he told Fallon.

“You had all your hair, you were a young kid, and I was already sweaty and balding and I was depressed, and it was pure jealousy. And I knew it, I was like, ‘This is really crap to be doing because this kid is really talented but I don’t want to look at him every day because it will make me upset about myself.’ So I torpedoed your chances, I mean I really, really went to bat against you. And you didn’t get the show.”

Watch the whole hilarious interview above and see how Fallon reacts to the insane revelation!

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