Louis C.K.’s Child Molester Jokes on SNL Spark Backlash: Watch the Stand-Up Now

Uh-oh. Comedian Louis C.K. may have gone a bit too far during his opening monologue on Saturday Night Live on May 16. The guest host, 47, started off by admitting that he has “mild racism” and comparing Palestine and Israel’s ongoing fights to that of his young children. 

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But things turned a new corner when he brought up the subject of child molesters. 

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“Child molesters are very tenacious people,” he began. “They love molesting childs. It’s crazy. It’s like their favorite thing. When you consider the risk of being a child molester — there is no worse life available to a human than being a caught child molester. And yet they still do it! Which you could only really surmise, that it must be really good.” 

Louie CK SNL
Louis C.K. offended many viewers on May 16 during his Saturday Night Live opening monologue. NBC

The crowd gasped and booed the FX star, prompting him to add, “I mean, from their point of view!”

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He continued with the joke, laughing and comparing the addiction of a child molester to his obsession with Mounds candy bars.  

As the crowd continued to have mixed reactions, Louis quipped, “How do you think I feel? It’s my last show, probably.” 

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On Twitter viewers had mostly negative responses, though some defended the comic. 

@JoeShmoSalerno: If I was playing a drinking game called “Every time Louie CK is offensive on SNL” then I would already be drunk tonight! @PhingersMalone OMG

@LatinaLite: Louie CK was offensive and disgusting on @NBCSNL I had to turn off the television after first skit. Shameful!

@Mike2TheNyc: Getting mad at Louie CK for being offensive is like being mad at Celine Dion for singing love songs.

@dkoblesky: #LouisCK #snl comparing child rape to candy addiction not insightful nor funny.  who is learning something from those jokes?  who, louis?

@Potatjo: i mean louis ck did some stupid s–t in that snl monologue like really dumb like ban him from tv

@I_am_Rubycakes: I’m offended that people are offended by the #LouieCK #SNL skit. I loved it!

Watch the stand-up now and tell Us what you think below!

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