Lucy Hale: 25 Things You Don’t Know About Me

25 Things You Don't Know About Lucy Hale
Lucy Hale shares 25 things you don't know about her with Us Weekly. JB Lacroix/

Lucy Hale's debut album, Road Between, is out now, and Pretty Little Liars returns to ABC Family on June 10 at 8 P.M. Here, the 24-year-old star tells Us Weekly the honest truth—sharing 25 things you don't know about her. 

1. My first name is actually Karen, but I've gone by Lucy since I was born. 

2. I have one sister and four stepsisters. There's a lot of estrogen in my family! 

3. I had braces for about three years. Then I had to wear Invisalign for a year because my dog chewed up my retainers. 

4. That said, I'm obsessed with teeth. I have teeth crushes on people. 

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5. I believe in ghosts and I'm really intrigued by paranormal activity. 

6. One of my favorite cities is Vancouver, British Columbia. 

7. I'm not a fan of flying. Heights scare me. 

8. I sang long before I ever thought of acting. 

9. Although I play a liar on TV, I try to live a pretty honest life. I get anxiety just from telling a white lie. 

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10. People are always kind of shocked at how small I am—I'm 5-foot-2. 

11. I go to sleep thinking about my morning coffee.

12. I tend to wake up two to five minutes before my alarm goes off.

13. I'm a terrible driver. 

14. You may not hear my Tennessee accent when I talk, but you can definitely hear it when I sing.

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15. I swear, ranch dressing was my secret weapon while I was recording my album, Road Between. Ranch is always the right answer. 

16. I auditioned for Fifty Shades of Grey

17. One of my favorite TV shows is Bizarre Foods With Andrew Zimmern

18. I'm usually drawn to and attracted to musicians. 

19. I have a total of eight ear piercings. 

20. I want to dye my hair a crazy color. Maybe during filming hiatus. 

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21. Eyebrows are kind of my thing. 

22. I consider myself a hummus connoisseur. 

23. Meeting Dolly Parton is at the top of my bucket list. 

24. I learned more about myself from making my album than from any other life experience. 

25. I used to have a crush on one of my castmates—and it's not who you think. My song "Lie a Little Better" is about that experience. 

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