‘Married at First Sight’ Recap: One Couple Consummates Their Marriage, Then Fights

Sheila and Nate from Lifetime's "Married at First Sight" Larry Remiker
Sheila and Nate from Lifetime's "Married at First Sight"  Larry Remiker

Is the honeymoon over already? On the May 4 episode of Married at First Sight, some of the couples were enjoying smooth sailing, but others had already hit rocky waters. All three sets of newlyweds were still enjoying tropical paradise as they got to know each other away from the influences of friends and family.

Sheila and Nate Consummate

“I am physically attracted to my husband,” Sheila said before she tucked into bed with a smile. The following morning, she added to the camera, “Last night was a good time.” Nate cut in to say Sheila snores, which she vehemently denied.

“We consummated our marriage last night,” Nate added. “It was a great experience. The passion was there. There was a deep connection there.” For Sheila’s part, the experience was “right and natural,” but she still hadn’t had an orgasm. (ICYMI, she’s never had an orgasm in her life.) “I’m sure it will be amazing when it happens,” she added. Hey – practice makes perfect!

Ashley and Anthony from Lifetime's "Married at First Sight"
Ashley and Anthony from Lifetime’s “Married at First Sight” Larry Remiker

Ashley Thinks Anthony Is Disrespecting Her

Meanwhile, somewhere in the Bahamas, Ashley and Anthony were having a grand time. “I do want to have sex with Anthony,” Ashley reported to the camera. “It will happen. When it is time, it will happen – and maybe I will tell you about it.” Anthony said he was going to take Ashley’s lead on the matter, but was hopeful it would happen soon.

One thing that wasn’t helping Anthony’s chances, however, was his perpetual lateness. Ashley was visibly annoyed that he never started getting ready until she was completely ready, which meant she always had to wait for him. She felt it was disrespectful to her time. He argued that he wanted to leave her alone while she was getting ready in the bathroom and doing her hair because he didn’t want to poop in front of her yet. (Umm… how about ever?)

Once they finally made it out of the room, they went kayaking, which Ashley didn’t seem to enjoy much because she was afraid of ocean life. Apparently her sister had convinced her that sharks could attack at any moment. Anthony made a mental note to have a chat with Ashley’s sister about interfering in their relationship.

Nate Tells Sheila She’s Going to Have to Live With His Brother

During breakfast, Sheila began chatting about their living arrangements and Nate realized he had to tell her the truth: that his little brother would be living with them. “I was going to wait to tell you, but the only concern would be Tyrique,” Nate said. “Tyrique definitely has to come live with us.” He also added that further complicating matters was the fact that his younger brother didn’t drive (which meant they would have to be his taxis around town).

After a moment of silence, Sheila said it was a “non-issue.” She added, “I’m the baby in my family, so for me, that doesn’t bother me at all.” She said that she didn’t think a “new wife” should displace a brother and that this simply meant they would all be family together. Nate was extremely relieved to hear that. “Sheila is my queen. She’s family now,” he gushed to the camera.

Danielle and Cody from Lifetime's "Married at First Sight" Larry Remiker
Danielle and Cody from Lifetime’s “Married at First Sight” Larry Remiker

Danielle and Cody Are Ready for Sex – Maybe

Cody was clearly head over heels for Danielle, though they hadn’t slept together yet. “I’m sure it’s going to happen,” he said to the camera before adding that he wanted “to do this thing the right way.” He was very concerned about messing things up and he wanted to make sure she felt safe. Danielle was feeling optimistic about their future. “I feel very sexy here with my husband, playing together and cuddling,” she explained to the camera.

“I’m ready to have sex,” Cody added to the camera separately. “But for now I’m not going to force anything and I’m just going to let it ride.” The only glitch in his plan was that he couldn’t stop (awkwardly) talking about sex and how they weren’t having it yet. “I think we’re doing everything the right way,” he told Danielle as they lounged on a boat. “It’s just going to take time and consistency.” Danielle listened in silence and then commented to the camera that he was the man and he was going to have to take the lead on the sex.

Sheila and Nate Hit a Rough Patch

Sheila and Nate hit a rough patch shortly after leaving their room for the day. It started to go wrong when they went jet skiing. Sheila wanted to go slow and enjoy the scenery. Nate ignored that and drove really fast, ultimately tossing them both into the ocean. Sheila admitted she was “pissed off” because he hadn’t listened to her wishes. “That was awful,” she said when they got back on dry land.

At the pool after, she tried explaining to Nate that she just wasn’t as “high-energy” as he was and that sometimes she needed him to just back off and give her some space. Nate said he got it, but he didn’t really seem to get it. They ended up chatting with Rachel DeAlto for some advice and she assured them that this was a normal bump in the road.

They both felt better, until dinner later that night. Sheila said everything was starting to feel real and that this was “a little scary.” She told Nate she was “drained” and “disappointed” by how their first full day had gone. Magically, however, Nate managed to get her laughing and turn her mood around. “I appreciate you,” she said. “I feel better because of you.” She then apologized for being moody and Nate accepted her apology.

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