‘Mom’ Recap: Chris Pratt Joins Wife Anna Faris for Five Cutest Moments — Including Steamy Stable Sex!

Anyone who is without a significant other and watched the Thursday, January 19, episode of Mom, probably wasn’t prepared to feel peak-single. But the episode happened, and we can’t say we’re mad at it. Chris Pratt joined his real-life wifey Anna Faris as a guest star on the show, and their chemistry was enough to make us sweat throughout the whole darn thing. And we weren’t the only ones.

Chris played Nick, Marjorie’s off-limits and very hot nephew who happened to work at a horse stable and be “professionally shirtless.” Needless to say, the horses weren’t the only things that were ridden. Among all the cowboy sex were some really sweet moments between Christy (Faris) and Nick. Saddle up, and brace yourselves for the cuteness.

Mega Meter-Flirting

Nick and Christy first met when she asked if he could lend her a quarter for her parking meter. See ya, Tinder. He hit her with a charming one-liner, “Are you a good credit risk?” After some flirting and laughing — because yes, he was that damn smooth — he asked, “Why don’t I just give you a full two hours?” as he slid his card in and out of the meter. We repeat: He put his card in and out of her meter. We reckon this was foreshadowing at its finest.

He kept making jokes, and she kept (understandably) giggling like a schoolgirl. As she said goodbye and attempted to part ways, he shamelessly walked alongside her in the same direction. #FirstEncounterGoals

Horsing Around

Christy needed to see Nick in action at work, as did all of Us. So she went to the stable, slightly terrified, to get a riding lesson and seek interest on behalf of her son (so she said). If there weren’t so many fire hazards, we’d say sparks were flying. Nick gave Christy an apple, and instead of giving it to the horse, she took a bite. He looked at her with a laugh because she was just so endearing that he couldn’t help himself. Sigh.

When they rode, Christy was bouncing around, unable to contain her horse, and ultimately fell off. Like a stand-up gentleman, he carried her back to the stable to check out her injured ankle. Her ankle wasn’t the only thing that needed healing, though — sexual healing, if you will. She looked at him with an intense gaze, saying, “I’m gonna need your help,” and he leaned in for a kiss. “Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about,” she said as he was on his knees beside her. The stuff of romance right there.

Sex in a Stable

Next, we saw Nick and Christy naked and sweaty under a blanket in the barn — totally loving life. The sexual innuendos came in faster than a herd. “Didn’t miss the saddle horn that time!” said Nick. “Be hard to miss,” Christy said, as he responded, “Aw, shucks.” They laughed and smiled, while Christy had her hand placed on his chest, and he said, “I’ll gladly be your dirty little secret.” All viewers were then impregnated. Even her mom, Bonnie (Allison Janney), was pumped. “My little girl got banged by a cowboy in a stable!” she said. Oh, yes, she did.

Anna Faris as Christy, and Chris Pratt as Nick Robert Voets/Warner Bros

The Dinner Date

On their first date in public at a restaurant, things started off well, as Nick interrupted Christy to say, “I’m sorry, I’ve got to kiss you,” moving his chair right next to hers. With his arm around her, he said, “I’ve wanted to do this all day.” He couldn’t stop kissing her or grabbing her face. Soon enough, the whole restaurant noticed, totally judging them, and it got kind of weird but was also hilarious. The other people were probably jealous, honestly.

Nick amped it up another notch by saying, “I don’t see anyone but you,” and asking the restaurant guests, “She’s pretty, isn’t she?!” Cuteness reached an aggressive level when Nick got so possessive that he tried to butter Christy’s bread with her at the same time. He quickly freaked her out by telling her he was going to marry her and later showed up outside of her house singing and playing guitar. But there is no such thing as too creepy when it’s Chris Pratt.

Breaking It Off (in More Ways Than One)

Marjorie (Mimi Kennedy) later explained that her nephew was a little cray and spent time in an institution, which is why he was off-limits. When Christy goes to break things off with Nick, he just laughed it off and called her silly. She began walking away when he held is chest and asked, “What am I supposed to do with this broken heart?” Finally, she turned around and said, “Oh, what the hell, I’m crazy, too,” then ran and jumped on him to kiss.

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Mom airs on CBS Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET.

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