New Bachelorettes Practice Dumping Jimmy Kimmel, Britt Nilsson Slaps Show Host in the Face!

It was time for the new Bachelorettes (yes, you read it right, Kaitlyn Bristowe and Britt Nilsson were both given the honor of being season 11’s leading ladies) to make their customary appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Monday, March 9.

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But if Kimmel was expecting a quiet, relaxed conversation he was in for a shock — because what he ended up with was a slap in the face!

An excited Kimmel revealed he was delighted there would be two Bachelorettes in the new TV series and admitted he had high hopes both Bristowe and Nilsson would fall for the same guy.

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But it wasn’t the show host’s desires for some on-set tension that resulted in him getting a slap around the head — nor even his fairly constant requests of “any possibility the two of you will make out during the course of this season?”

In fact, it was his offer to let both girls dump him, in preparation for the dismissals they’ll have to give when the new series starts shooting, that resulted in Nilsson getting a little too physical in the studio.

Britt got a bit physical while pretending to dump Jimmy! Jimmy Kimmel Live

After accusing her suitor of tricking her, and in actual fact being married, Nilsson proceeded to chuck Kimmel off her show, giving him a slap on the cheek to send him on his way.

“You can’t hit the guys on the show,” a surprised Kimmel chastised. “It’s against the rules.”

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“I never will, that’s why I had to do it with you,” the future Bachelorette replied.

Watch both Bachelerottes hone their dumping skills in the clip above and tell Us: which Bachelorette do you prefer?

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