Nick Kroll Talks Kroll Show Season Two Guest Stars Katy Perry, Seth Rogen, More

Nick Kroll
Nick Kroll tells Us Weekly all about season two of Comedy Central's Kroll Show -- featuring guest stints by Katy Perry, Seth Rogen and more Chelsea Lauren/WireImage

When he's not on Twitter threatening Bono, Nick Kroll is the man behind one of TV's most boundary-pushing comedy shows — Comedy Central's Kroll Show. A provocative, LOL take on pop culture and modern stereotypes, the sketch comedy features a wacky, delightfully gross collection of characters, with some of Hollywood's biggest names dropping by, too. Kroll (who writes, shoots, and edits the show and plays Rodney Ruxin on FX's The League) spoke to Us Weekly about the second season of his smash.

US: After such a crazy first season, what's on deck for season two?

NICK KROLL: What we did with the first season is establish a bunch of characters and a number of worlds. Now, we are taking all those worlds and expanding them out, mutating them. It's like we're shooting 60 different shows at once! We have all the fun and spontaneity of a sketch show, but there are narratives there that the audience can follow and characters that they can become attached to.

US: One of last year¹s hottest sketches was PubLIZity. What can we expect from those girls next?

NK: This season, the girls of PubLIZity are back, Pretty Liz, played by Jenny Slate, gets pregnant. You can imagine that creates a lot of strife between her and the other Liz. She actually is impregnated by C-Czar, the toilet baby, we saw them meet at the end of last season.

US: You always have such great guest stars on the show — and Katy Perry's guesting this year?

NK: Katy Perry was amazing. She actually tweeted that she was a fan of PubLIZity, and we have some friends in common, so I reached out and asked if she wanted to do an episode. She was totally down. She was like "I'm recording today but tomorrow I could come in."

US: What other sketches are coming back?

NK: Rich Dicks evolved with a lot of crazy guest stars. Wheels Ontario, which was kind of the Canadian Degrassi show, will have a lot more episodes, because we didn¹t show that until the end of last season and didn't realize what we had and how much people liked it. I was getting complaints about not having more episodes of that so this season we shot a bunch of them.

US: What other guest stars can we expect in season two?

NK: Amy Poehler, Seth Rogen, Will Forte, Craig Robinson, Zach Galifianakis, Laura Dern.

US: Laura Dern seems like an odd fit, how did that happen?

NK: It happened fairly randomly. I was hanging out with Jason Mantzukas, who was on Enlightened with Laura Dern, so we were all getting a drink together, and I mentioned Kroll Show and she was like 'That sounds fun!' I said I'd write something for her, so the next day we were brainstorming ideas for her, and we came up with the fact that C-Czar is a toilet baby, and Laura should play his drug-addicted mother. A little call back to her Citizen Ruth days.

US: Can you tell us about Seth Rogen's appearance?

NK: Let's just say that my Liz on PubLIZity may have found her match this season, the love of her life. He's a great romantic lead and perfect for her.

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