Nick Viall on Being the Next Bachelor: “I Can’t Say That I Wouldn’t”

Nick Viall on Being the Next Bachelor: "I Can't Say That I Wouldn't"
Two-time Bachelorette finalist Nick Viall tells Us Weekly exclusively that his quest for love continues -- and it could be on The Bachelor. Jeff Schear/Getty Images for Virgin Hotels Chicago

Maybe third time's the charm? Following Nick Viall's humiliating moment with Kaitlyn Bristowe on the season finale of The Bachelorette, the two-time finalist told Us Weekly on Tuesday, July 28, that his quest for love continues — and it could be on The Bachelor.

As previously reported by Us, current contenders include both Ben Higgins and Ben Zorn (producers would call a dual Bachelor season "All About the Benjamins"), as well as Viall, who was left heartbroken — yet again — on Monday's episode.

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"As far as The Bachelor?" Viall dished to Us on Tuesday. "I spent the past three months really just focusing on moving forward. It took a lot out of me, and all of my energy has been focused on [healing]. After last night, I think anyone would feel really lucky to be considered. It’s obviously an incredible opportunity."

Viall noted that it would be yet another emotional journey. "It's one of those things, where you know it's not easy. I think we've seen it with some of the previous leads. It's a difficult process and it doesn’t always work out, but then again, you have some amazing love stories — Sean and Catherine, Desiree and Chris, and people like that. It's one of those things I’d have to obviously spend a lot of time [discussing] with my family and friends, but I can’t say that I wouldn't. It’s certainly something that I’d have to take into serious consideration, because I want to take it seriously. I really want to do it only if I felt like it could really work for me."

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After all, he's been hurt not once, but twice. Viall was a finalist on Andi Dorfman's season, ultimately losing to Josh Murray. On Monday, he was edged out by Shawn Booth, and the humiliation cut deep.

"As far as the proposal goes, watching it back was interesting," Viall told Us of the cringeworthy Season 11 shocker. "I remember getting out of the limo and being incredibly nervous, and she looked incredibly nervous. But I didn't actually see that as a bad sign. Then there was a moment when I first started talking and I got emotional and she kind of grabbed my hand and told me it was okay. I kind of took that as a very positive sign and then, you know, at that point I was kind of all-in, so to speak… saying what I had to say and pouring my heart out."

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The moment that Bristowe stopped him, Viall knew that it was done. "I really just wanted to keep my composure," he recalled to Us. "It was kind of a whirlwind… There were a lot of feelings of sadness and anger and frustration. Yeah, obviously. You kind of realize what happened and I think that whole 'being like a major fool.' You feel silly."

Luckily, he's had time to process everything. "You kind of get some perspective and you just kind of move forward," he told Us.

Viall said he's also moved past Bristowe — and that was the reason for his appearance on ABC's live After the Final Rose special on Monday. "There’s only so much time," he told Us of his conversation with Bristowe and host Chris Harrison. "I think the only thing I really wanted to say to Kaitlyn is that I wish her the best right, and that despite my frustrations that I had with her — about how she handled things — I don’t have any ill will towards her."

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"I didn’t come on AFR for closure," he continued. "I think I would have preferred, instead of her trying to explain why she made the decision, I didn’t really think there was an explanation. I think I would have just preferred just a ‘Hey, I wish I didn’t do it. I’m sorry.' I think if I was hoping for anything, it was more that she would have said that. I think it was a little disappointing that she tried to justify it by saying, ‘Well, there’s no good way, so I decided to do that because last year Andi broke up with you a different way.' It was almost as if I need a variety of how people end their relationships with me, so that was a bit disappointing."

He continued, "Other than that, there’s nothing else that I really—you know, I don’t think I would have asked anything differently behind closed doors."

Harrison told Us at the Men Tell All taping that multiple hunks are being considered for the role of Season 20 Bachelor, and they were on Bristowe's season. "Well, they’re in this room right now," Harrison dished. "This stud next to me: Ben Z., Ben H., there’s Cupcake, Jared. I think we have an embarrassment of riches for this season, I can pretty much guarantee that someone from this show will be our Bachelor. I mean, there’s just so many good choices. I mean, we had two girls, we could have like five guys. I would do it with any of these guys."

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