Nik Stauskas’ House Gets Popcorned by Sacramento Kings Teammates: Watch the Crazy Prank!

That’s one way to welcome him! Basketball player Nik Stauskas began his career with the NBA this season, and his teammates gave him quite the surprising rookie send-off to end the year. 

The Ontario-born athlete, 21, had a strong debut season with the Sacramento Kings, scoring points as a shooting guard. As the Kings play their final season game on Wednesday, April 15, the ballers recently dusted off a classic tradition to bring Stauskas into the fold. 

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Nik Stauskas in popcorn
Nik Stauskas’ house was popcorned by his teammates.

For years, NBA teams have been filling rookies’ cars with popcorn as a lighthearted hazing ritual. University of Michigan graduate Stauskas doesn’t have a car, however, which posed a unique problem for his teammates. 

Rather than skip the prank entirely, members of the Kings got creative and carried out the trick on an even larger scale. 

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“Let me set the stage for y’all,” said the Kings’ Rudy Gay in a video from the team. “Our rook doesn’t have a car. He don’t have a license. So bam, what’s the next best thing? His house!”

popcorned house
Nik Stauskas’ house was popcorned

“It’s the next-to-last game, young fella thought he was all-good for the season, that we weren’t gonna get him or nothing,” added Reggie Evans. “But hey, he’s gonna have a big surprise tonight!”

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Gay, Evans, and DeMarcus Cousins broke into Stauskas’ house and did quite the number. In the video from the Kings, the athletes are shown sprinkling popcorn on every surface of his house, stuffing the popped kernels in the freezer, in the bathroom, in his shoes, in the kitchen and living room, in his drawers, and even in the bed.

Catch Stauskas’ priceless reaction to the prank in the video above!

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