Once Upon a Time Season Finale Recap: Emma Is the Dark One and Only The Sorcerer Can Save Her

Once Upon a Time Recap
Thanks to The Author (Patrick Fischler) re-writing everyone's happy ending, the villains and heroes in Storybrooke had a total Freaky Friday moment in the Once Upon a Time season 4 finale. Bob D'Amico/ABC via Getty Images

Once upon a time there was a show called Once Upon a Time, and it delivered the most intense two-hour season 4 finale ever. We're talking surprise deaths, a new Dark One, and Snow White (Ginnifer Goodwin) as an evil queen. Keep reading to revisit the biggest moments of the episode, including Emma's (Jennifer Morrison) surprising declaration of love!

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The Villains Get Their Happy Ending

Thanks to The Author (Patrick Fischler) re-writing everyone's happy ending, the villains and heroes in Storybrooke had a total Freaky Friday moment. Not only were they trapped in The Author's new book, Rumplestiltskin (Robert Carlyle) was a knight in shining armor, Regina (Lana Parrilla) was living in a log (just go with it), and Emma was locked in a tower. What the what?!

Bizzaro Prince Charming Kills Captain Hook

Snow White and Prince Charming (Josh Dallas) were so not the lovable do-gooders we're used to. Snow White pretty much spent her time hating on the Seven Dwarves and plotting Regina's death, while Prince Charming was basically the least charming person ever. Need proof? He ran Hook (Colin O'Donoghue) through with a blade and killed him in front of Emma. 

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Henry Is The New Author!

Despite being a newly dubbed hero, Rumplestiltskin decided he should kill Regina to save his happy ending — which ironically turned him into a villain. But just as Regina's life seemed to be fading, Henry picked up The Author's quill and realized he had the power to rewrite their stories — which means everyone's officially back in Storybrooke! Oh, also Henry broke the quill and decided no one should be The Author. Sigh, this kid.

Just Kidding, Hook Is Alive!

Fear not, OUAT's resident one-handed hunk is alive and well, but Emma still couldn't bring herself to say "I love you" when they reunited in Storybrooke. She obviously has some intimacy issues, but can you blame her? Between saving the world and fighting dragons, this girl has enough on her plate.

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Emma Is the New Dark One (!!!!!)

Santa Claus (sorry, The Apprentice) tried to save Rumple from being consumed by the Dark One, but unfortunately it was an epic failure. Instead, Rumple's darkness escaped into Storybrooke and threatened Regina, giving Emma no choice but to say a quick "I love you" to Hook and then volunteer as tribute to be the Dark One 2.0. The only person who can save her soul? That would be The Sorcerer, who also goes by — you guessed it — Merlin! Can't wait to see what magic this guy weaves when Once Upon a Time returns this Fall on ABC. 

Tell Us: Are you scared for Emma now that she's the Dark One? Who should play Merlin next season?

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