Party Down South Recap: Lauren White and Tiffany Heinen’s Boyfriends Come to Town, Wreak Havoc

The cast of Party Down South
The cast of Party Down South CMT

Let's get it goin'! The cast of Party Down South had another week of NSFW partying, and we're rounding up the highlights. Also known as the lowlights because yikes. Not only did the crew go down to Miami and traumatize several locals, Lauren White and Tiffany Heinen's boyfriends visited and they got some "Vitamin D." Their words.

PSA: No goats were harmed in the making of this TV show. Other than emotionally.

My Boyfrand's Back!

Lauren and Tiffany's man friends came to visit, and it was a hot mess in every way possible. Everything seemed to be going just fine during an evening at the bar with the boys, but then Josh Murray put his hair in a high ponytail and immediately lost his mind. For reasons unknown, Murray picked a fight with some random, causing Tiff and Lauren's boyfriends to throw down. Tiffany had to physically force Bubba in a taxi and wouldn't stop talking about her "monkey" needing attention, saying: "I'm like Murray's back or my monkey." (Note: "monkey" seems to be a euphemism for lady parts.)

Both Tiffany and Lauren's monkeys ended up being satiated later than night –– though the fact that they share a bedroom made things slightly awkward when it came to "getting the D."

Walt Gets It On (Again)

You'd think Walt Windham's thirst for "marlins" would have been satisfied after he had a threesome, but nope. This week, he found a girl named either Terra or Tara (he couldn't remember) to hook up with in the love shack that is his shared bedroom. It was weird, but hey –– props to Terra/Tara for insisting that Walt clear the pile of dirty clothes off his bed.

Sadly, this stud's lucky lady woke up and immediately started her walk of shame. She was last seen wandering down the driveway barefoot.

Bros Before Marlins

Happily ever after? Not so much. Despite getting the "Vitamin D," Lauren and her guy got into a fight because he spent too much time bro-ing it up with Ryan "Daddy" Richards and Murray. "You didn't come here to spend time with them, you came here to spend time with me," Lauren complained. "You're about to be f––-ing single and I'm gonna do it in front of God and everybody."

Fortunately Daddy fixed everything by encouraging Lauren's boyfriend to have sex with her. "Young love, haha!" Daddy mused. "I feel like I just sent a young man off to war."

Sorry in Advance, Miami

Welcome to Miami! Well, almost. After Lyle A. Boudreaux accidentally flashed his man parts during a beach trip, the crew was inspired to plan a trip to "the city where the heat is on." We'll have to wait until next week to find out how this mini vacation went, but considering that the first thing Daddy said upon entering his party bus was "turn the music on I'm about to start humping s––t," we have a feeling it'll be A+.

Watch Party Down South Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on CMT.

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