Party Down South Recap: Mattie Lynn Breaux Eats Chest Hair, Daddy Passes Out in Driveway

CMT's Party Down South cast party in Season 4, Episode 3.
CMT's Party Down South cast party in Season 4, Episode 3.  CMT

Time to get turnt! The pumped-up cast of Party Down South partied a little too hard this week, resulting in peak levels of insanity. Get caught up on Mattie Lynn Breaux's rage spiral, Hannah "Hott Dogg" Guidry's hysterical crying jag, and Ryan "Daddy" Richards' drunken driveway nap in the recap below.

Mattie Got Her "Martha" On

Last week, Mattie morphed into her intoxicated alter ego, Martha, and tried to hurl herself out of a car before yelling "f–– you too, bitch" to the camera. It was, to put it kindly, a mess. This week, the situation worsened when Martha locked herself in the bathroom to weep, leaving her BFF, Hott Dogg, sobbing on the stoop. The good news is that after some therapeutic breathing exercises with Tiffany Heinen, Martha turned back into Mattie (read: she sobered up), and spent the remainder of her day frolicking in a goat pen.

Party Down South

"It's very frustrating and disappointing to black out and hurt the ones you love," she explained. "I hate Martha. She [represents] a lot of anger and a lot of bad things in my life."

Much to the relief of all parties involved (including the goats), Mattie eventually apologized to Hott Dogg and proved that she can get pumped while sober.

Daddy Passed Out in Driveway, Was Left for Dead

Party Down South

Daddy spent the majority of this episode giggling next to / possibly peeing into a decorative fountain, and then fell asleep in the middle of a driveway. Why? Because he partied too hard at Hulk Hogan's bar. The only signs of life that poor Daddy exhibited were a few inarticulate musings, and who knows how long he would have remained immobile if Lauren White hadn't brought him in. It was sort of a sweet moment, minus Daddy saying, "Can I bang you?" as Lauren helped him inside.

Mattie Ate Walt's Chest Hair, Proceeded to Vomit

Josh Murray and Walt Windham began a "prank war" this week! Their brilliant plan? To shave off Walt's remaining chest hair and sprinkle it into a bag of chips. "We're called the terror twins for a reason," Walt told the cameras.

Poor Mattie found the hairy surprise, and ended up being sick in the bathroom. Tragically, the timing couldn't have been worse, due to Hott Dogg having a stomachache and needing the toilet with supreme urgency. Yes, this is an actual sequence of events that happened on the show.

In Which Daddy Used the Term "Master-baiter"

The cast began work at the Marina this week, and naturally, Daddy had his eye on the prize: aka his boss' wife. "I was like, look at the rack on that 60-year-old woman over there!" Daddy mused. Also incredible, his reaction to hearing about bait: "I'm a master-baiter."

Party Down South

Lauren Broke Up With Her Boyfriend

Lauren's boyfriend ignored her phone calls one too many times, prompting her to fly into a rage. When she eventually did get in touch with her man, he was full of excuses and told her to "chill the f–– down." Not-so-shockingly, Lauren broke up with him and ended the conversation with a fierce "bai!"

Watch Party Down South Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on CMT.

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