President Obama Reads Mean Tweets, Jimmy Kimmel Wears Obama’s Jeans!

We all know how Mean Tweets works by now, but on Thursday, March 12’s Jimmy Kimmel Live! the hilarious show segment was back with a twist — President Obama was in the hot seat to read the nasty things tweeters have been saying about him!

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Kimmel introduced the segment with a plea to viewers to “Remember, Presidents are people too!” And just like the celebs and sports stars he has offered the opportunity to “read some of the mean things people tweet about them,” Kimmel explained they’d decided to extend that courtesy to Obama.

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Looking smart in a gray suit and tie, Obama took center stage in the familiar Mean Tweets booth, ready for his first message.

Obama Mean Tweets
President Barack Obama reads his Mean Tweets on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

“Obama’s hair is looking grayer these days,” he read as R.E.M.’s “Everybody Hurts” played in the background. “Can’t imagine why since he doesn’t seem to be one bit worried about all that’s going on.”

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Watch the video above to see which of the tweets made the President of the United States giggle, and which mean tweeter Obama took to task on his use of social media speak (“LOL is redundant if you have haha!” he answered back!)

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