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Rachel Lindsay’s ‘Bachelorette’ Blog: Becca Kufrin Gave Leo a ‘Pity Rose’ (Exclusive)

Rachel Lindsay Bachelorette Blog Becca Leo Pity Rose
Rachel Lindsay. John Palmer/Media Punch/

Former Bachelorette star Rachel Lindsay will be blogging exclusively with Us Weekly each week about her opinion on Becca Kufrin’s journey to find love on The Bachelorette. Check back every Tuesday for her recap!

What’s up, Bachelor Nation! The current hotel that I am staying in, which shall remain nameless, did not have a working ABC channel. So, after I called the front desk and explained the importance of Monday nights and the significance of The Bachelorette, I was able to get the channel working … 20 minutes later.

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This recap starts with Jason telling Becca a personal story about his grandmother struggling with Alzheimer’s. He used the story to show how his dad smiled through the pain and hard times. Jason now lives by the motto: you can’t take any day for granted. Becca was able to relate to Jason’s story because the loss of her dad. I truly enjoyed Becca, Jason and their relationship in this moment. Despite the heavy content of the conversation, it was a very real and relatable moment. We have been distracted by so much drama and nonsense, that it was nice to see the episode start this way.

Jason The Bachelorette
Jason. ABC/Craig Sjodin

We went back to the guys and despite my foregoing comment, my first thought is: “I miss Jordan.” As absolutely ridiculous as he and his antics were, we need somebody funny in this group of men. A group date card arrived and was it just me, or was it confusing who got the one-on-one: Leo or Chris? The way Chris was talking I assumed it was him. If it was Leo, he was less than thrilled. I had just high hopes for Leo and his man bun when we first met him coming out of the limo. But to date, his hair has more personality than he does.

A History Lesson

Most people may not be excited about this Richmond, Virginia, date but I personally love history and am so excited that a debate was incorporated into this season. Let’s just put it this way … I would have much rather judged a debate than a spelling bee competition during my season. I was on the edge of my bed eager to see what the men would bring to the table or should I say the podium. Then they started debating and I lied back down. I may have been the only one booing in the audience, and this was before the Chris v. Lincoln showdown. Pretty sure Honest Abe regretted calling Lincoln his namesake.

Chris The Bachelorette
Chris on ‘The Bachelorette.’ ABC/Paul Hebert

Now I know that presidential elections can hit below that belt, but I didn’t quite expect that from The Bachelorette election. Chris Harrison also did a really good job of pushing certain buttons with is questions. Chris of course fell victim to it all. He went off on a tangent that included many expletives and irrational thoughts about Lincoln. Lincoln responded, and it was like listening to a battle between Tweedledee and Tweedledum. You have to know that this will not end well for you. There were children in the audience for goodness sake!

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I was frustrated for Becca with these guys. They needed to make an exception and let her get rid of multiple guys ASAP. Just when she thought it was over with Jordan and David, there was Chris and Lincoln. At least the chicken and the model were funny; this was just painful to watch. If that had been me, I would have grabbed the mic to give a piece of my mind. I would have said, “Hold on Chris. I am going to let you finish but you and Lincoln have to go home now.”

The drama did not end at the debate as Tweedledee and Tweedledum carried it into their conversations with Becca. Becca’s face while Lincoln was talking during the group date was as stoic as those creepy paintings in that house. Chris was even worse, but you know the rest. Shout out to Garrett for stepping it up and calling Chris out! I like that Garrett. He was saying what we all have been screaming through the TV for weeks. I was honestly waiting for Becca to do this. She is V classy and graceful in how she is handling this whole process, but I just want her to pop off one time … just one time, Becca.

Becca Kufrin Leo The Bachelorette Pity Rose
Becca Kufrin and Leo. ABC/Craig Sjodin (2)

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Pity Leo

It is not a good sign when the lead starts talking about the other men on a one-on-one date. I know Becca was opening up with Leo but it took away from their intimate moments. There was no doubt she was having a good time and no doubt when the man bun came out, so did more of Leo’s personality. But on this date, they seemed more like friends than lovers. He opened up to her and it was really sweet; but again, I didn’t see or feel it. This was evident in their dancing! I take it that he has never been a stuntman on a dance floor. I think Becca gave him a pity rose … yes, there is such a thing.

Good Riddance, Chris

Leo came home, and all of the guys but Chris were happy to see him. Instead, Chris stormed out of the room and straight to Becca’s room. When Becca opened the door, she kept saying, “What are you doing here?” as if that would make him disappear. In the ultimate act of desperation, he proceeded to talk about engagement with her. Where were Chris’ friends? Who was leading him astray? Was he possessed by the ghost of Jean Blanc? He must have been, because after this familiar talk, she sent him home … FINALLY!

Becca canceled the cocktail party the following day, and that was great because it gave me the chance to take a moment to reflect on the fabulous dress she was wearing. I loved the see-through element and detail at the bottom of the dress. My inside scoop told me that the original dress had a lining in it, but it was removed to create a classy, sexy vibe. Despite the ugly ending with Chris, Becca shined bright like a diamond in that dress. She sent Connor and Lincoln home, but I was so excited to see Chris depart the night before that their departure was forgettable.

The Bachelorette airs on ABC Mondays at 8 p.m. ET.

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