Ramona Singer on Aviva Drescher: “Who Speaks With Such Vile Words?”

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After Ramona Singer and Aviva Drescher fought over breakfast on Monday's episode of the Real Housewives of New York City, Singer, 55, blogs with Us Weekly about her thoughts on their ugly exchange.

I decided to raise money for a NYC shelter that takes in women and children who are victims of domestic violence. I set it up as a ladies luncheon, women supporting women.

I was very surprised to see [Aviva Drescher's father] George there. Isn't everyone a little taken back when an uninvited guest shows up? But I have always gotten along with George, so even though I felt it odd for him to be there I welcomed him with a hug and warm greetings. That wasn't enough for George because he had an agenda. He claimed he came to donate thousands of dollars. As Aviva said in her interview with a smirk, she could have just mailed the checks. She knew what her father would do. Not only did he start yelling and demanding apologies, but he was taking attention away from the cause! This lunch was about women supporting women, helping those in need. George made it about himself and Aviva. I wanted to just walk away. Then he grabbed my arm with a hard pinch to keep my attention. The camera came from behind me and only got a part of it. He hurt me and he was trying to force me into a situation I didn't want to be in.

I thanked George for the donations and showed him the bowl to place them in, but he wouldn't. He wanted apologies for Aviva. He used those checks as an excuse to show up, which is pretty revolting. Of course, in the end, the donations were not rejected and I accepted them. They donated $500. The same I donated to Aviva's cause.

I did not have two burly bodyguards carry a weak eighty-year-old man out of an event. Does George strike anyone as someone who can't fend for himself? I asked him to leave over and over and over again. When he didn't, I asked the hired servers if they would not mind escorting him out. His behavior was completely out of line. Plus, it was a ladies lunch!

I have to apologize to the shelter, (who for privacy reasons and the protection of the women staying there ask not to be named) for what that event became.

When Aviva called me to meet her for breakfast I for sure thought she wanted to clear the air and have us be in a good place again. I wanted the pre St. Barth's Aviva back.

I have never encountered anyone in my life with so many phobias and anxieties. Does Aviva use these anxieties and phobias to excuse herself from being so mean? Who speaks with such vile words? What happened to the Aviva who said, "Say what you mean, but don't be mean"?

I was sincerely hoping that at our meeting we would get to a better place. Harry (Aviva's ex-husband) and I have been friends for years, long before I knew Aviva. I called Harry to see if he could give me some better insight into Aviva. I really wasn't understanding any of her behavior towards me in St. Barth's. I apologized twice already, and that was clearly not working.

I really wanted to mend the fences with her. I know I am not perfect, and I too can overreact in a situation. I just did not want this to go any further. Life is too short.

Nothing in the entire world could have prepared me for her tirade on me. You can be angry, but don't be hurtful. You can be upset with me, but please no name calling. I could not believe the anger that was being directed at me. At some moments, it was much worse than anger. There was hate in her eyes.

It's as if Aviva became a snake full of venom and vile words, that were lies nonetheless. No one can say that I ran away from Aviva. I just sat there and took her non-stop abuse. Part of me was in shock. I was frozen in my chair. I was hoping this would stop and quickly. I was thinking maybe she worked like a light. As quickly as you turn a light switch on, she would just switch and become the Aviva I first knew.

None of this happened. There was nothing more for me to do but exit.

I'm off to Hazlet, NJ today for an appearance at the Wine Academy tonight! Always check www.RamonaSinger.com for appearance news, exclusive videos and a chance to corner me on 'Ask Ramona!' I have a great newsletter coming out later today so be sure to sign up! 

Till next time!

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