Reality Stars Take Sides: Who Should Bachelor Brad Pick?


Who will earn Bachelor Brad Womack's final rose?

Former contestants on the ABC series are pretty mixed on if it'll be single mom Emily Maynard or spunky divorcee Chantal O'Brien. In anticipation of Monday's finale, polled Bachelor and Bachelorette fan favorites to see who they're rooting for.

"When you know [you're in love], you just know. And I just knew," Womack, 38, tells Us of the woman he got on bended knee for during the show's South Africa finale. And although many prior Bachelor romances may have ended in splitsville, the Austin-based bar owner insists he's found The One. "I'm grateful to have a second chance…I can promise you there is a very happy ending."

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Read on for former contestants' thoughts and tell Us: Do you agree with their picks?

TRISTA SUTTER (The Bachelorette, season 1) – "Chantal's the frontrunner because I don't think Emily is ready yet. She's got some deep wounds from losing her fiance. It would be great to see Emily settle down, but I don't know if she's ready yet."

ASHLEY HEBERT (The Bachelor, Brad's second season) – "I love [Chantal and Brad] together. They have this spark!"

ALI FEDOTOWSKY (The Bachelorette, season 6) – "I think both girls are great…but in the last two episodes, his connection with Emily has been undeniable."

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PEYTON WRIGHT (The Bachelor, Andy's season; Bachelor Pad) – "Emily and Brad are perfect for each other. Emily is the only one who has been calm and collected throughout the entire season. Brad needs stability and that's why Emily should be his final pick."

SHAWNTEL NEWTON (The Bachelor, Brad's second season) – "I personally think he's with Emily…Emily is everything Brad wants. I think they're going to have babies!"

MICHELLE MONEY (The Bachelor, Brad's second season) – "Emily is definitely the best choice for him. She has that softness, and that pure sweet goodness that he is looking for and wants. Emily is the whole package."

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DEANNA PAPPAS (The Bachelor, Brad's first season) – "I think Brad will pick Emily. At least I hope he does. Brad seems to be very smitten with Emily on each episode of The Bachelor and Emily compliments Brad better than Chantal. They seem to have a great connection and I think they have a chance at making a relationship work!"

NATALIE GETZ (The Bachelor, Jason's season; Bachelor Pad) – "I am rooting for Emily. People mention Emily is not over her ex and I think that is crap. She of course appreciates her ex and thinks of him often. She always will. This is just more reason why she deserves love with Brad."

HOLLY DURST (The Bachelor: London Calling) – "100% Brad and Emily! She would be a compliment to his life. They seem like they have already built a strong foundation for a solid love. I also think Brad is going to make a great stepdad to Emily's daughter."

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JESSIE SULIDIS (The Bachelor, Jake's season; Bachelor Pad) – "All of America wants to see little Ricki get a daddy, but I feel Chantal is more real and has more substance than Emily! My vote is for Chantal and if he doesn't choose her, she should be the next Bachelorette!"

CRAIG ROBINSON (The Bachelorette, Ali's season) – "My pick is Emily. However, Brad is down to two great girls and Chantal would be a fine choice. But Emily has a sweetness about her that is difficult to top and in my eyes, slightly edges Chantal. He really can't go wrong."

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KRISILY KENNEDY (The Bachelor, Charlie's season) – "Chantal all the way! She has fire and attitude — I think she would keep Brad on his toes! I had Chantal picked from the beginning, but after hearing Brad [on the Women Tell All special], I think he picks Emily. You could tell by the way he spoke that it's Emily all the way."

The Bachelor's season finale airs Monday at 8 p.m. (EST).

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