‘Revenge Body’ Recap: Khloe Kardashian Kicks a Contestant Off the Show, Talks Being the ‘Fat Sister’

Inspiring! On the Thursday, January 26, episode of Revenge Body, Khloé Kardashian helped two contestants as they worked to shape up their bodies and lives. One had been through a lot in her life, and the other had, well, been given a lot. Read on to find out how each one fared.

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Tragedy Leads to Triumph

The night’s first contestant, Jill Perih, admitted right away that she is an emotional eater who binges when she’s sad. Her parents died when she was in her early teens, leaving her older sister, Megan, to care for her and causing her to gain weight. Jill lost the weight before college but gained it all back after she was raped in her junior year.

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“I’m so honored that you are allowing me to help you,” Khloé said before setting her up with trainer Simone de la Rue, who has trained Chrissy Teigen, Naomi Watts and more. At first, the dance-based workouts made Jill angry, and she asked for a new trainer who would do something more traditional, but Simone asked her to stick around and trust her. In the end, Jill realized that dancing can be very challenging.

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The Strong Looks Better Naked author also called up Cynthia Pasquella, Khloé’s own nutritionist. Cynthia used to be an emotional eater and was a survivor of sexual assault, just like Jill.

Cynthia told Jill she would never stop eating her feelings unless she learned to forgive her assaulter, and it changed her life. By the time she met up with stylist Shun Melson three days before her reveal, she was fitting into clothes she couldn’t even wear at her previous lowest weight.

Princess Problems

The night’s second contestant, Sukhda Anand, is from New Delhi, India, where she lived “like a princess,” in her own words. She was spoiled by her family but ridiculed for her weight by them too. When she said she hadn’t cared at the time but had started to be self-conscious recently, Khloé said she could relate.

“I thought I was fine,” Khloé said of her years as the “fat sister.” Eventually, like Sukhda, she stopped thinking her weight was “fine” and wanted to break free of being the big one in the family.

Latreal Mitchell was assigned as Sukhda’s trainer. She’s trained Michael Strahan, too, so she’s a pretty big deal! Unfortunately, Sukhda didn’t seem to grasp that. She was never on time to workouts, and home videos showed that she was downing tequila and tearing through pizzas weeks into the training.

Latreal was so annoyed by Sukhda’s lack of progress at six weeks that she called Khloé in for a conference. They agreed that the contestant was not doing what she had promised she would, and had no business on the show. When Latreal confronted Sukhda, the contestant got defensive.

Khloé Kardashian Nicole Weingart/E! Entertainment

“At this point, I’m going to have to let you go and end this journey,” the trainer said.

As she stormed out, Sukhda said that the only point of doing the show was “the fame,” then said that everyone involved with Revenge Body had wasted her time.

A Really Happy Ending

Ashley Holm and Sarah Connor, who have worked on the faces and manes of some of Hollywood’s biggest names, were called in to doll up Jill for her big reveal to her sister.

When Jill appeared at her reveal to surprised Megan and her other friends, everyone started to cry. Jill pulled her older sister aside and thanked her for watching over her after their parents died, somehow making the moment even more emotional.

“This whole process has taught me that I can finally let go of what that man did to me,” Jill told the camera.

A title card at the end revealed that Jill is now working as Simone’s assistant.

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