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Revenge Recap: Will Amanda Clarke Go Down for Victoria Grayson’s Death?

Amanda Clarke (Emily VanCamp) debates her options on Revenge. 

“What now?!?” was the question on every Revenge‘s fan mind after last week’s literally explosive episode wherein chief antagonist Victoria Grayson (Madeline Stowe) offed herself in the most fabulous way possible — dressed to the nines and in the throne she once claimed as her own. Her death would seemingly signal the end of Amanda Clarke (Emily VanCamp)’s long term vendetta, as she was the last Grayson left standing.

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This is Revenge, though, and there are rarely happy endings in the Hamptons. So instead of basking in her victory, Amanda instead had to worry about police investigations, blackmailing journalists, and plenty more during the April 26 episode. Read on to find exactly what happened during the “Aftermath” of last week’s shocking events!

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It’s Never Over

At the beginning of the episode, the Victoria Grayson case looked like an open and shut affair. Louise (Elena Satine) and Margeaux (Karine Vanesse) found a note that Victoria penned and subsequently the police ruled the death as a suicide. Soon after, though, the ladies found signs of breaking and entering and suddenly the case got a whole lot messier. Louise accused Amanda of the murder, and the police reopened the case — with Amanda as the prime suspect!

Madeleine - Revenge
Victoria Grayson died on last week’s episode of Revenge.

Originally, Amanda covered for herself by telling her story about being at the airport while the death happened, trying (and failing) to run after Jack Porter (Nick Weschler) before he left for Los Angeles. She even talked about how her encounter with the presumed-to-be-dead Mason Treadwell (Roger Bart), who should provide further evidence that her alibi is true.

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However, the queen of Revenge herself was being set up — Victoria and Mason were framing her for murder, and she ended the episode pleading innocence while being arrested by the Suffolk County police.

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Don’t Tread on Mason Treadwell!

At the end of last week’s episode, Mason Treadwell came back from his exile in the Maldives to get his own revenge on Amanda for reneging on their deal. Treadwell threatened to write an expose called “The Big Lie” that would blow up Amanda’s good girl image unless she cleared his name within the next two days.

Emily and Roger - revenge
Mason Treadwell and Emily Thorne collaborate on Revenge.

To make good on her promise, Amanda went to the U.S. Attorney’s office saying that she was able to salvage a fireproof box in the wreckage of the Grayson home. Inside the box were documents that proved that Treadwell was framed for the murder of which he was accused seasons ago. Treadwell was subsequently pardoned by the governments and happy to go back into luxurious hiding.

This was terrible news for Amanda, who needed him to provide her alibi in the Victoria Grayson case. When she called him asking to make his resurrection sooner rather than later, he laughed in her face before revealing that he was in cahoots with Victoria all along — he helped set up Amanda to be framed for her murder. He delivered a video message from Victoria gloating about her victory before snapping his phone in half, destroying the only chance Amanda had to easily clear her name with the police!

No Love in a Hopeless Place

After last week’s dramatic getaway to Los Angeles, Jack was back in Suffolk County to testify in the Victoria Grayson case. While doing so he was informed by Ben Hunter (Brian Hallisay) that Amanda choose him and was running after his plane last week to declare her love for him. In most cases, this would lead to a glorious romantic reunion. However, just as Jack made an appearance at Amanda’s new place he found her being arrested for the murder of Victoria.

Meanwhile, Nolan (Gabriel Mann) and his new child services love, Tony (Josh Pence), were excited to go away on a beach getaway filled with tequilas, pina coladas, and each other. Alas, their newfound happiness was short-lived. Right before they jetted away, Tony found out that he was finally approved to be a foster father to a little boy. Deciding that it wouldn’t be fair to the child to be wrapped up with the tech billionaire, Tony decided to end it. He told Nolan that a single dad needs to be single, and while Nolan tried to convince him otherwise, the decision was final. In the Hamptons the one thing that has a harder time surviving than Graysons are love connections.

Tell Us: What did you think of Victoria Grayson’s master plan? Do you think Amanda will find a way to clear her name?

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