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Revenge Series Finale: Emily, Victoria Dig “Two Graves” — Who Died and Who Got Married?

Emily VanCamp and Madeleine Stowe
The Revenge series finale, "Two Graves," saw a final face-off between Emily and Victoria, and only one survived. Danny Feld/ABC via Getty Images

The end of Revenge! After four seasons filled with terrorist conspiracies, forced mental hospital stays, a whole lot of murder and countless red Sharpie Xs, Revenge ended its run on May 10. Naturally, the hour was filled with murder, lies, and betrayal, because we'd expect nothing less from these dysfunctional Hamptonites. Who came out on top in the war for revenge, Emily (Emily VanCamp) or Victoria (Madeline Stowe)? And who lost their lives in the process? Read our recap to find out!

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Happy Mother's Day!

Were you wondering who Mary Gaines was, aka the person whose remains Victoria used to fake her death? Well, turns out it was none other than her mother dearest! After a terrible childhood caused by the malicious mother, Victoria was able to get some sweet revenge on her matriarch for Mother's Day!

According to flashback, we learned that Victoria visited her mother (Adrienne Barbeau) when she was on her death bed. Her mother quickly started to berate her about the state of her life in the eight years since Victoria banished her from her life, before revealing that she tricked her daughter into sleeping with her father many years ago. (Yes, you read that right. Victoria had sex with her own father.) Victoria taunted her, telling her that she was a "cruel, loathsome bitch who deserved to rot in hell."

Breaking Out, Breaking In

After finding out that Ben (Brian Hallisay) was murdered, Amanda immediately launched into her new plan. Of course, since this is Revenge, it was extremely complicated and involved her admitting guilt for Victoria's murder so Nolan (Gabriel Mann) could break her out of the maximum security prison she was transferred to after the confession.

The plan was, of course, a rousing success and Amanda and Jack (Nick Wechsler) were able to quickly run off to Victoria's New Jersey hideaway to search for evidence of her wrongdoing. While they didn't find the evidence they were looking for right away, they did find the time to finally talk about their feelings and have sex! Afterwards, Jack sweetly ran off to get food for the couple. This left plenty of time for Amanda to discover the dentist who faked Victoria's dental records, and quickly left to find them.

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Meanwhile, back in the Hamptons, Nolan and David (James Tupper) were digging up dirt on Team Victoria's co-conspirators, and were shocked to realize that not only was White Gold (Courtney Love) an actual, real person, but that she was on the loose! Nolan quickly tried to call Amanda to warn her that she was in danger, but she was already at the dentist's obtaining proof that Victoria faked her death. Instead, White Gold stabbed poor Jack before running away from a swarm of FBI agents.

Up Where We Belong

A visit with Jack in the hospital gave Nolan the motivation to finally put his four years of hardcore sensei training into use. He hacked Margeaux's (Karine Vanasse) computer with images of Ben's corpse, and then reminded her of the sins she'd committed. While she argued back that his soul was no cleaner than hers, he eventually won the upper hand in the argument and convinced her to call White Gold to come to the country club.

When White Gold arrived, she went for Nolan (hanging out behind the bar) and even stuck a knife into his hand! However, he fought back with a taser and the announcement that “White Gold is an excellent conductor for electricity!” RIP White Gold, the snazziest named assassin around.

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Margeaux decided to honor Daniel Grayson (Josh Bowman)'s legacy by earning redemption much like he did and volunteered to stay with White Gold when the police arrive. She reminded Nolan that character is about the choices we make before he left her for good.

These shenanigans were nothing compared to the ultimate showdown that was happening concurrently in the unused LeMarchal offices. During Victoria and Amanda's final meeting, Victoria recognized that her death was finally coming but revealed to Amanda that the place was monitored by plenty of cameras, so there was no way she could kill her and remain out of prison. Thankfully, Emily was never given the chance as David walked in and shot Victoria first! Surprise!

David wanted to save Amanda's soul from complete destruction. However, during this moment of father-daughter bonding, Victoria was able to shoot Amanda! Double surprise!

A Change of Heart

After the big showdown, Revenge flash-forwarded a few months to find that Amanda was still alive and well. However, David was not so lucky. Granted compassionate release from prison a few months into his stay, he died shortly thereafter from his lymphoma. Turns out the second grave wasn't for Amanda after all, it was for her dear old dad.

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Amanda's visit to her father's grave was interrupted by her sister, Charlotte (Christa B. Allen) who reminded Amanda that her job was to keep her on track for a very special day. What was so important? 

Only her wedding to Jack! Turns out that even after death, destruction, and countless felonies, love does conquer all and karma gave Amanda the ultimate pass. She even got a new dog from Jack to replace the one they had so long ago when they first met as kids. As they rode out on the boat her father worked so hard to refurbish, life seemed like it could not be going better for Amanda Clarke… except for one nasty recurring dream that reveals that the only reason Amanda survived being shot is because Charlotte donated Victoria's heart to her. Turns out Amanda may never be able to let Victoria go after all!

As for revenge? It will also live on through Nolan, who Amanda set up to be the ultimate "revenge-r for hire" in the series' final moments. As a new client brought a wrongly convicted felon to Nolan's attention, he smiled into the distance. Long live the fine art of revenge!

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