Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: Demetria McKinney Makes Her Housewives Debut, Apollo Nida Cuddles Phaedra Parks, and More

Demetria McKinney
Meet Demetria McKinney, Atlanta's Newest "Friend"! Bryan Steffy/BET/Getty Images for BET

Why can’t they be friends? Kandi Burruss and Mama Joyce have another big blowout, Apollo Nida and Phaedra Parks struggle with his impending prison sentence, and new friend Demetria McKinney brings big drama (of course!) to the table!

1) Messy Mama Joyce

No need to save the drama for your mama if she’s the one serving it! Mama Joyce and Kandi Burruss are at odds again, but this time, it’s not because of Todd Tucker. At Aunt Nora’s family barbecue, Mama Joyce gives her baby girl the silent treatment for talking crap about Joyce’s boyfriend, Benny. Kandi’s understandably pissed about Benny’s DIY renovation disaster — he left Kandi’s old home a mess before abandoning the entire project.

Mama Joyce doesn’t see his wrongdoing and tells Aunt Nora that Kandi has a tendency to “hurt the people that help her.” Kandi’s over it, too.

“I’m not going to beg her to talk to me after she cussed me out. She’s wrong!” Kandi says.

Eventually, Aunt Nora acts as a peacekeeper and tries to bring Kandi and Mama Joyce together again. Mama Joyce reveals that she’s taking medicine to prevent having an aneurysm, and that she’s “tired of arguing…I just want it fixed.” Kandi says she doesn’t want to argue either, and the two make up. 

Todd, ever the skeptic, calls it how he sees it.

“When she do some s–t, she gets tired and has aneurysms. When she’s on everyone else’s ass, she good. She be playin' y’all!” Todd exclaims.

Demetria and Cynthia Bailey
Prince Williams/FilmMagic

2) Meet Demetria

Make room for another Georgia peach! In this episode, Demetria McKinney makes her debut. As an established actress and singer, McKinney’s no stranger to Atlanta's entertainment scene. She visits Cynthia Bailey at The Bailey Agency to cast a model for her new music video. Demetria brings up her manager and Cynthia’s longtime friend, Roger Bobb — a media magnate who Cynthia assumed was single. 

Peter [Thomas] and I have known Roger Bobb for years, and we’ve never heard him talk about having a girlfriend,” Cynthia dishes in her confessional.

Demetria had to keep her seven-year relationship with Roger a secret — Roger worked with Tyler Perry while Demetria filmed Perry’s House of Payne TV show. But now, Demetria wants to take their love public.

“I’m ready for people to know,” Demetria announces. She plans to use her video release party as a coming out of sorts…that is, if Roger shows. “He better have his ass there as my man and my manager!”

Roger Bobb
Moses Robinson/Getty Images

3) Ladies Love Cool Bobb

And with a new housewife comes new feuds, naturally. Demetria doesn’t know Kenya Moore, but the beauty queen’s reputation precedes her. A photo of Kenya, Cynthia, Peter, and Rogermade the blogosphere rounds and produced chatter about the nature of Kenya and Roger’s relationship — and Demetria isn’t too pleased about it.

“I know she heard the rumor, but she never tried to deny it,” Demetria grumbles to Cynthia.

Kenya isn’t interested in Roger, though — at least not for herself. She tries to forge a bond between Roger and her new BFF Claudia Jordan!

Claudia and Roger live in the same apartment building, and she secures an invite to Demetria’s video release party from Roger. 

“He’s a great business guy, a great person, he’s handsome — that’s somebody you might want to look at,” Kenya tells Claudia while on break at a photo shoot. “He’s definitely a good catch!

Cynthia then tells the girls that although Roger Bobb is a good catch, he’s already been reeled in by Demetria. An incredulous Kenya says that he’s dated several of her girlfriends.

“He loves the ladies, and the ladies love him. LL Cool B,” Kenya jokes in her confessional.

Later on that week, Kenya visits Roger’s office for an informational — and for the tea on his relationship status.

“It seems like she was really bothered by the fact that we had taken a photo together…I don’t even know her!” Kenya tells Roger of Demetria.

“She’s a singer, she’s an actress. She’s also my lady,” Roger responds. 

Kenya appears to be happy for him, but her female intuition tells her the real deal. “We’ll see how long that lasts,” she snipes in her confessional.

4) Phaedra seeks counsel

Everyone has a breaking point — even Phaedra Parks, who’s kept an admirably serene game face as husband Apollo Nida prepares for his eight-year jail sentence. Phaedra visits Kandi to talk about her problems at home.

“If he decides to chat, we chat. If he doesn’t, we don’t…it’s just moody,” Phaedra admits of her marital strain.

Kandi asks her cousin Melvin to advise Phaedra on how she should share the unfortunate news with her two young boys. Melvin’s father has been incarcerated since he was young, and he offers firsthand perspective to Phaedra, who’s had to play pretend for months. 

“How do you tell a 4-year-old that your dad’s going to prison?” Phaedra asks while tearing up at Melvin's account. “Does it make a child think that that’s normal?”

Melvin insists that while it’s tough, honesty is the best policy.

“I feel like someone should’ve just told me…you don’t want your child to grow up and be resentful towards the fact that he’s been lied to for so long,” Melvin says. 

Though Phaedra’s appreciative of Melvin’s wise words, she’s still not sure what the best solution is for her family. In her words — “fix it, Jesus.” 

Apollo Nida and Phaedra Parks
Wilford Harewood/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

5) Party problems

Lights, camera, action! Nearly everyone in Atlanta comes out to support Demetria’s music video release party — everyone, that is, except for Roger Bobb. 

“As your manager, shouldn’t he be here?” Kandi asks Demetria.

Demetria claims a last-minute editing session forced Roger to bail, but still can’t help but admit her disappointment in their on-and-off situation.

“He could propose with a Cheerio and the answer will be yes,” Demetria sighs.

In between working the crowd and trying to iron out the club’s technical difficulties (her video wouldn’t play!), Demetria pulls Kenya to the side to address the Roger Bobb mess.

“You took a group picture, and it turned into you dating Roger Bobb,” Demetria snaps at Kenya.

“Let me just put your mind at ease: I do not want your man,” Kenya assures Demetria. “I like money, I like a successful career…your man can help me achieve that.” All’s well that ends well!

Someone who did show up? Apollo, much to Phaedra’s surprise. He greets everyone (including Kenya’s friend Brandon, with whom he infamously brawled last season) and plops down next to Phaedra, picking the most inopportune time to talk to her about their issues — right in front of the other Housewives.

“Phaedra has already told me that she hasn’t really been communicating well with Apollo,” Kandi says in her confessional. “I’m sure that the middle of a crowded nightclub is not the place where she wants to start communicating with him.”

Apollo tells Phaedra that he comes in peace and reminds her that he’s “still [her] husband. Don’t forget that.”

Phaedra reminds Apollo that he doesn’t have to come to a party to talk to her and that he can come home where he lives to do so.

Apollo says that the two are better than nasty nightclub spats and embraces Phaedra, who still looks tremendously uncomfortable. 

“Watching Phaedra put on this ‘everything is perfect’ act is the real entertainment,” Kenya smirks. “Who needs Demetria’s video when I can watch this episode of Lockdown?” 

So much for the happily ever afterparty.

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