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Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: NeNe Leakes Snaps at Kenya Moore — After Kenya Accuses Her of Flirting With Cynthia Bailey’s Husband

NeNe Leakes
NeNe Finally Snaps! Leakes Lashes Out at Kenya Moore 

Mayweather and Pacquiao have nothing on the Real Housewives of Atlanta! On part two of the season 7 reunion, the girl uncover old drama and trade newer, meaner barbs. Kenya Moore stands up to OG peach NeNe Leakes, Cynthia Bailey challenges Phaedra Parks over Chocolate, her alleged lover, and Phaedra continues her whore-pocrisy towards Kenya. Talk about hitting below the belt!

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Kenya Moore vs. NeNe Leakes: Round 1

Their beef: 

Here we go again. Host Andy Cohen asks the sworn frenemies about their season 6 charity face-off — last year, NeNe requested that Kenya pick a foundation and match her donation of $20,000. Kenya says that she wrote a check to the Detroit Public Schools Foundation, and is disgusted at NeNe’s stinginess. For all of NeNe’s “jobs and extra money,” Kenya doesn’t understand why NeNe can’t put their differences aside for the greater good. NeNe says she’ll write the check when she gets ready to.

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“I don’t mind donating…but I’m not going to make a mockery out of charity,” NeNe tells Andy, referring to Kenya’s show-off social media posts about her donations.

The best jab:

“I’m not a rich bitch. I’m very poor,” NeNe sarcastically gripes.

Cynthia Bailey and Phaedra Parks

Cynthia Bailey vs. Phaedra Parks

Their beef:

One word, three syllables: Chocolate. After Apollo Nida confided in Cynthia’s husband Peter Thomas about Phaedra’s alleged affair with the African prince, Cynthia unceremoniously spread the news to the rest of the girls — and confronted Phaedra about it in front of them, too. Since then, their relationship hasn’t been the same. Cynthia stands by her decision and thinks that Phaedra “could’ve easily squashed that” had she denied the rumors. Though Cynthia apologized in the Philippines, Phaedra can’t forgive her because she had “no compassion” for her situation — and because the apology “wasn’t genuine.”

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“Why did you make it a part of your storyline?” Phaedra asks Cynthia. 

“Stop with the storyline stuff. Apollo is your story line — and now he’s gone,” Cynthia snaps back.

The best jabs:

Phaedra hits Cynthia with a few low blows on everything from her fibroids to her fashion career. When Andy asks why Phaedra made fun of Cynthia’s medical issues, she claims that Cynthia started it.

“I don’t say anything about anybody until they come for me,” Phaedra says. “You…talk about my Aquafina ‘cause you sittin’ on Captain Crunch!”

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Phaedra mocks Cynthia’s modeling career and her business venture, the Bailey Agency School of Fashion, but gives her props…in her own way. She says that her mom orders from the plus-size catalogue…that Cynthia models in!

Cynthia doesn’t deny her appearance in the catalogue, and thanks Phaedra for the shout-out…then proceeds to tell the attorney to “win a case.” Yikes.

Kenya Moore and Phaedra Parks

Kenya Moore vs. Phaedra Parks

Their beef: 

Will Apollogate ever end? Since season 5, Kenya was crowned as the group’s home-wrecking “whore” by Phaedra and Apollo, who claimed that Kenya sexted Apollo when the two were in Los Angeles. Apollo came forward and admitted that it was all a lie — but for Phaedra, the damage was already done. Earlier this season, Kenya hopped on the Chocolate bandwagon with Cynthia and called Phaedra out for being a hypocrite. 

“You go around calling everyone a whore, and you’re the biggest whore here!” Kenya said to Phaedra after Phaedra swung at her during a group dinner.

In the Philippines, Kenya and Phaedra vowed to move forward and let bygones be bygones. Clearly, the peacemaking treaty was broken.

During the latter part of the reunion, Andy reads a fan’s comment about Kenya failing to do her research on Chocolate…especially after Apollo lied on her, too. Kenya says that Phaedra failed to fact-check as well — namely, when Phaedra claimed that Kenya offered Apollo fellatio.

“I’ve been called an alcoholic, bipolar, from having a fake booty, a fake Bentley,” Kenya lists. “She put out all of those rumors, singlehandedly…I am the only one who can speak directly to what she’s capable of, and that is lying.” 

The best jabs:

Kenya goes on to accuse Phaedra of faking her feelings about Apollo’s eight-year prison sentence for the camera. 

“You’re looking at a woman who’s so distraught, and so down and out…and you have the time to get your boobs done in the middle of your husband going away to prison,” she snipes. “It’s a good job! You should thank your doctor. But don’t sit here and lie, yet again, in front of people.”

Kenya & NeNe

Kenya Moore vs. NeNe Leakes: Round 2

Their beef: 

Kenya just can’t get enough. After Phaedra accuses her of flirting with Apollo during the group’s season 5 trip to Anguilla, Kenya admits that she did — because everyone else flirts, too. 

“Everybody flirts,” Kenya exclaims. “NeNe was flirting with Peter!”

“Girl, I have never flirted with Peter. Don’t go there,” NeNe bellows. “Me, Peter, Cynthia and Gregg were friends.”

NeNe warns Kenya not to cross any lines because her husband is right behind her.

“Let me tell you something. You’re not gonna disrespect me and my husband,” NeNe shouts, leaning towards Kenya. “This ain’t Phaedra.” 

Thank God there aren’t any props on set! 

Watch the rest of their showdown and part 3 of the reunion next Sunday at 8 p.m. on Bravo!

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