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‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Recap: Kyle Richards Says Lisa Rinna Needs to ‘Sew Her F‑‑king Lips Shut’

Sometimes it’s best to quit while you’re ahead, which Lisa Rinna was about to find out. On the Tuesday, February 7, episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, a few of Rinna’s comments about Kim Richards were circling back to bite her in the — well, you get the idea. Everything started out fine as the ladies prepared to head to the grand opening of Kyle Richards’ husband’s new office in Mexico, but the forecast went from sunny to stormy before they’d even gotten on the plane. 

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Sassoon Sets the Record Straight

In an attempt to get back on Lisa Vanderpump‘s good side, Eden Sassoon headed over to Vanderpump’s house to have a chat. Vanderpump told the hair-care heiress she honestly had no idea what this was about, but once Eden began talking, Vanderpump’s tone changed — because Eden revealed that she personally believed Kim was sober, and it was really Rinna who didn’t.

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Eden explained that while she and Rinna were shopping, Rinna had claimed Kim was not only not sober, but actually near death. “Rinna has a big mouth,” Vanderpump said to the camera. Eden then complained that after priming her with this information, Rinna had left her hanging during her chat with Kim and Kyle. “It’s actually a similar experience to the one I had,” Vanderpump said, reflecting on her own interactions with Rinna. Vanderpump asked Eden for permission to pass this intelligence along to Kyle, and Eden said of course (which was fine, though it’s not like Vanderpump would have kept it from her bestie anyway). Vanderpump ended the conversation by promising Eden she was going to “defend” her to Kyle now, which was clearly music to Eden’s ears.

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Rinna Digs Her Own Grave

Meanwhile, in another part of town (at Kyle’s boutique, to be exact), Rinna paid the owner a visit. The Melrose Place actress started off by praising the property where Kyle and Mauricio had thrown their Gatsby party the night before, and then not so casually mentioned that she’d dropped a boatload of cash at Kyle’s boutique the day before. Oh, she also added that she and Kim had enjoyed a “nice” exchange at the event, which Kyle was happy to hear.

Rinna then shifted her focus to Eden because she wanted Kyle to give Eden a chance. Rinna argued that Eden was fixated on Kim and Kyle’s relationship because it reminded her so much of her relationship with her own sister, who died after struggling with addiction. According to Rinna, Eden saw this as an opportunity to help two sisters since she’d been unable to help her own. “I think she can be annoying as f‑‑k, though,” Kyle said. Rinna again urged Kyle to chat with Eden because she “was coming from a good place.”

Dorit and Kyle (right)

Welcome to New York

Rinna headed to New York City to watch her daughter Delilah walk in Tommy Hilfiger’s Fashion Week show. Delilah didn’t sleep the night before because she was so “nervous,” not only about walking in the show, but also about being in one with Gigi Hadid. Delilah seemed to both admire and fear the supermodel, adding, “I’m really excited to meet her, but I just hope there’s no weird vibes because of that little feud with you.” (ICYMI, Rinna and Gigi’s mom, Yolanda Hadid, did not get along so well in the past.)

Rinna tried to tell her daughter not to worry and helped her practice her catwalk down their hotel hallway. “My modeling experience was, like, reject modeling,” Rinna laughed. “But in my mind, I’ve always been a supermodel.” She then met up with Camille Grammer (who’s no longer an official cast member but keeps popping up) because Camille’s daughter was also walking in Fashion Week.

After bonding over how nervous their girls were, Camille sighed and said her daughter had to grow up fast because when Kelsey Grammer left, he didn’t spend much time with the kids. Camille called it “unfortunate” and argued that this was on him because she was more than ready to play nice. Noted. Rinna then brought up the Kim drama, and Camille advised her to “back away.” Rinna said she got the message and reported that she’d told Eden the exact same thing (which she did, sort of, after she’d told her Kim was about to die).

Eden and Lisa (right)

Vanderpump Throws Rinna Under the Bus

As Rinna got ready to hop a plane to head to Mexico, Vanderpump pulled Kyle aside to update her on the Eden situation. “Rinna has said that she doesn’t believe that your sister is sober and that she is near death,” Vanderpump said.

“What?” Kyle shouted, beyond angry.

“And that is what she is telling Eden,” the restaurant owner added with a shrug. To the camera, Kyle explained that Rinna had apologized for things she’d said in the past and promised not to talk about Kim ever again. “Rinna says to Eden that you are an enabler,” Vanderpump added. That’s when Kyle really flipped out.

“They are making up their own f‑‑king story!” she shouted. “Lisa Rinna is making up her own f‑‑king story, knowing nothing, and giving that to her.” Kyle then rehashed the conversation she’d had with Rinna just days earlier in her boutique. “This last year and a half has been really hard for my sister, and she’s on a really good path and has a lot of exciting things in her life,” Kyle said. “Lisa Rinna needs to sew her f‑‑king lips shut.” Vanderpump added, “You’d need a lot of thread.”

Everyone gathered for dinner, including Dorit Kemsley and her husband, PK; Erika Girardi; Vanderpump and her husband, Ken; and Kyle and her husband, Mauricio. Shortly after sitting down, Kyle announced what Vanderpump had told her about Rinna. While Erika said she didn’t know what was true at this point, Dorit found it easy to believe that what Kyle was saying was true.

“The real culprit here is Lisa Rinna,” Kyle declared. The following morning, a blissfully unaware Rinna walked into the luxury property to find everyone eating breakfast. She said hello, and Kyle snapped, “I’m really sorry I’m not greeting you better, but we’re really having the perfect moment right now.” It was unclear whether Rinna realized Kyle’s implication was that she was ruining this perfect moment, but if she didn’t get the message yet, she was going to soon.

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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs on Bravo Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET.

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