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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion Recap: Kim, Kyle Richards’ Bitter Feud Comes to a Head

Yolanda H. Foster, Eileen Davidson, Kim Richards, Brandi Glanville
The Richards sister feud got even more brutal during the third and final installment of Bravo's Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion. Evans Vestal Ward/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

It all comes down to this! After two weeks of dirty accusations, vicious name-calling, and tons of tears, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion concluded with an epic hour of fighting, confessions, and more confrontation.

The Housewives had one last chance to get their digs in before the season ended and they definitely made sure to take the opportunity for all of its worth in the April 14 episode. Kyle Richards fought with both her sister, Kim, and Brandi Glanville, while Lisa Rinna faced up to some of her post-season texts to Kim.

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Host Andy Cohen did his best to keep the ladies from going too far with one another, but some major blows still landed. Who hit hardest and who was hit hard? Find out with the final Us Weekly Real Housewives of Beverly Hills power ranking of season 5!

1. Lisa Rinna

Although Rinna was delighted at winning the cursing crown for the season and evan placed an invisible diadem on her much-discussed “20-year-old hairdo,” her husband, Harry Hamlin may not be happy with the prize. Rinna admitted that he asked her to “tone it down” off-camera after the season aired. Still, she seemed happy with her place as the most foul-mouthed Housewife as soon as Cohen questioned her on it, and as per her own advice, “owns it, baby!”

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On the other hand, she also had to own up to some nasty texts she sent Kim Richards after filming was completed that threatened violence against her if she didn’t “own up to her s–t” or if she kept being “too mean” with Kyle Richards. As soon as Kim whipped out her phone as proof, the tears started falling, and Rinna seemed to show genuine remorse for her actions. She explained that she becomes a nastier person when people tell her to shut up about her feelings, and she regrets her behavior. Richards scoffed, saying the apologies were fake, but Cohen and the other women seemed convinced of their authenticity. Hey, as Beverly Hills Housewives they would be the experts on knowing what is real and what is fake!

Best Moment: During the Richards sisters’ major showdown about what happened when Kim’s dog, Kingsley, attacked one of Kyle’s daughters, Kyle began to lose it. Rinna offered a casual, whispered piece advice to Kyle with a simple “stay strong.” Solid advice for anyone, especially a Housewife during a reunion confrontation!

Eileen Davidson at reunion
Eileen Davidson continued to be a tiny light of sanity in the middle of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion’s chaos. Evans Vestal Ward/Bravo

2. Eileen Davidson

Davidson continued to be a tiny light of sanity in the middle of the reunion’s chaos. She didn’t talk much, but whenever she did she seemed to be razor sharp in her comments. During the Richards fight, she brought up the fact that Kim seems to have a habit of going “too far” with her comments about Kyle. She also comforted Rinna by understanding her sensitivity about being told to shut up regarding her feelings. Davidson also discussed that the reason why Glanville’s dirty mouth annoyed her so much was that it seemed to be attached to constant graphic imagery, which seemed trashy to her. Throughout the season, the soap opera queen didn’t bring the drama, but she did act as a voice for the audience members at home, and the importance of that conduit can’t be underestimated.

Best Moment: A moment of real friendship occurred when Davidson went over to Rinna’s couch to comfort her as she cried in sorrow about her texts to Kim Richards. The bonds between those two seem to exist even outside the confines of Bravo contracts.

3. Lisa Vanderpump

Vanderpump might not have contributed much to this part of the reunion, but she did have some really solid sisterly advice for the Richards women. She implored them to mend their fences with another before they start missing major events in each others’ lives. She argued that if they weren’t supporting each other during such major milestones, one day they would be “90 and regretful.” Suggestion: Vanderpump advice column. You can have that one, Cohen.

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Best Moment: Another wonderful behind-the-scenes montage for Vanderpump, as cameras revealed her defending her constant usage of the word “p—y.” Defenses included the fact that Hugh Grant uses the word all the time and that it’s what she calls her close friends. She finished by announcing that she was “taking her p—y to the bathroom!” and walking away off set. Only Vanderpump can make a spiel like that feel absolutely charming.

Kyle Richards on reunion show
The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion revealed that one of the main causes of the Richards feud comes down to Kim’s dog, Kingsley, biting Kyle’s daughter’s hand last Halloween. Evans Vestal Ward/Bravo

4. Kyle Richards

Richards had her hands full during the final part of the reunion. First, she had to deal with Glanville’s constant accusations that she was a hypocrite for refusing to smoke pot during the Amsterdam trip. Richards had various defenses for her actions there, ranging from “my husband didn’t want ne to do it” to “I become a paranoid mess when I smoke, since I am a control freak.” None of these excuses seemed to convince Glanville, who maintained that Richards was a “hypocrite” about her own drug use.

Things didn’t get better from there, as the reunion then shifted back to talk of the overwhelming tension between her and sister Kim. She was able to keep the tears under control this week, but she still seemed flabbergasted that Kim would be so callous to her and ignorant of their situation. One of the main causes of the Richards feud comes down to Kim’s dog, Kingsley, biting Kyle’s daughter’s hand last Halloween. While this led to Kyle’s daughter being confined to her hospital bed for five days as she got treatment for the ensuing infections, Kim maintained that the bite wasn’t as bad as Kyle claimed.

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Vanderpump and Cohen tried to play peacemaker between the two, wishing that they could embark on a journey toward making up, but neither woman was really feeling it. Yikes!

Best Moment: “As a sister, I will always love you. As a person, I don’t like you very much.” With that, Richards got the final word against her sister, Kim, and it was an ice cold burn at that.

5. Brandi Glanville

Glanville began the episode by teaching everyone about the dynamics of men in bed. Her lessons included gems about older men knowing their way around a woman’s body more and that hot people learn about sex quicker because they are required to do it more. The veracity of this information may be in doubt, but it is comments like these that have earned Glanville the “unfiltered” title that has followed her to podcasts and wine companies.

After that, though, things got slightly more dramatic when she finally confronted Kyle about her alleged hypocrisy in the “space cake” cafe in Amsterdam. She argued that she and Kim had to dodge questions about their sobriety constantly, so why was she being labeled awful for questioning Kyle about her past pot usage? It was a fair enough point that soon got enveloped in a bizarre discussion about Kyle’s negative reactions to pot in the past.

However, the drama did not stop there as Glanville also had to defend her actions regarding Kim Richards throughout the season, including discussing Kim’s sobriety behind her back.

Kim told Cohen that she and Glanville had an honest discussion about that “backstabbing” conversation with a friend (which the cameras didn’t film) and that their friendship remains as strong as ever. Glanville even helped defend Kim during her showdown with Kyle later on, as the other Housewives teamed up against her.

Bonus: She didn’t even add a single “bitch” to the end of a sentence!

Best Moment: Glanville was surpassed as the Queen of the F-Bomb this season by Rinna. Her response? A perfect “Congratu-f–king-lations” to Rinna. Nailed it!

Brandi Glanville at the runion
Brandi Glanville told Andy Cohen during part 3 of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion that her relationship with Kim Richards was solid. Evans Vestal Ward/Bravo

6. Kim Richards

Richards started off this week in a place of glee, as she enjoyed confronting Rinna over the nasty texts that she had sent. While Rinna cried, Richards accused her of having major anger management issues that led her to strangling many people in the past (the strangling part was implied by Richards’ hand motions as she seemed to forget what word she was aiming for in the moment). It was a rare moment where she started off with the moral high ground — and burned up that advantage quickly.

The downward spiral started as Richards’ feud with sister Kyle started eating up all the oxygen in the room. At first, she fought back hard, accusing Kyle of posting Instagrams with the aim of getting her dog put down, and bragging that Kathy Hilton was the best sister in the world as they call each other “three to four times each day!”

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However, as Cohen tried to probe further into the animosity Richards quickly clammed up. Her party line became a simple “I’m not going to talk about that” as she refused to discuss issues ranging from how her dog is behaving currently to the major fight she had with Kyle in the house in Palm Springs. It’s hard to land punches when you refuse to discuss anything!

Best Moment: Awkward! Cohen suggested that Richards and Rinna apologize to one another after their confrontation. Kim decided to do so by giving Rinna a very weak hug that seemed to suggest the bad blood wasn’t really done flowing between them.

Tell Us: Which Housewife do you think came off the best in the reunion? Do you think the Richards sisters can ever reconcile?

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