‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Recap: Lisa Rinna Defends Herself, Kyle Richards Knocks Eden Sassoon’s Love Life

Actions speak louder than words, except when your words are very poorly chosen. Lisa Rinna was learning this lesson the hard way on the Tuesday, February 21, episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. (As a refresh, she told Eden Sassoon — who isn’t an actual cast member but seems to be showing up kind of all the time — that Kim Richards wasn’t fully sober and might be close to death.) Kyle Richards confronted Rinna in Mexico, and Rinna said she didn’t know if she’d said those things. While there hadn’t been a giant blowup just yet, the forecast was not looking good.

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Kim and Kyle did some shopping for Kim’s soon-to-be-born grandchild, and they recapped what went down during the Gatsby party. (That was the time Eden accosted them in an effort to help.) Kim said Eden was “bizarre,” but said she’d had a nice chat with Rinna. That was when Kyle broke the news that Rinna was talking about Kim again, with Kyle adding to Kim that she was determined to get to the bottom of it. For now, both Eden and Rinna were on thin ice.

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Rinna Confronts Eden

Meanwhile, Rinna met up with Eden to confront her about telling Lisa Vanderpump what she had said about Kim. “I cannot remember having a conversation saying things about Kim,” Rinna said to the hair-care heiress before adding, “I’m not happy.” She then recounted to Eden how she had been ambushed in Mexico and asked her why she had gone to Vanderpump instead of talking directly to her.

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Eden defended herself, arguing that she’d only repeated the truth. “I don’t remember saying that,” Rinna said with a shrug. (Perhaps the footage that aired will jog her memory.) Eden told Rinna she was “not a troublemaker” and to the camera added, “Lisa said it. I never put words in that woman’s mouth.” That was clearly true, but her strategy might not be the best way to make friends in this group (or any group, for that matter).

Lisa Rinna Bravo

Dorit Accuses Rinna of Having a Pill Problem (Perhaps)

Eden was a busy bee and then made a house call to Dorit Kemsley to debrief about the Rinna situation. They both agreed that Rinna’s behavior wasn’t the best, and Dorit asked, “Do you think it’s induced in some way?” To the camera, Eden asked if Dorit was accusing Rinna of having a pill problem. In person, it did not appear that Eden asked Dorit to clarify that point, however.

Later, while riding around in a limo and drinking champagne together, Dorit told Kyle that Eden was sticking by her story that Rinna had said those things — and it seemed that Kyle’s inclination was to believe her. Kyle still didn’t like Eden much, though.

Erika and Lisa Bravo

Erika Gets Romanced While Kyle Gets to Work

Erika Girardi escaped some of the drama with the women to enjoy lunch with her husband, a much older, very rich lawyer of some kind. After she thanked him for letting her “borrow the plane” to go visit her family, he told her how much he loved her video for the song “Expensive.” Erika took a moment in an aside to the camera to say that even though some people didn’t understand her marriage, it worked for them and that in many ways, she thought it was better that they saw each other less frequently but were totally present when they did.

While Erika was basking in the glow from her single release, Kyle was busy on the set of her new scripted show that was based on her childhood. She admitted that her sisters, Kathy (Hilton) and Kim, were “apprehensive” at first when they heard about the project, but Kyle was determined to keep it positive. Though she seemed to be slightly overwhelmed by how much work a producer does for a series (surprise!), she had it mostly under control.

Dorit and Kyle Bravo

Rinna Gets a Humanitarian Award. Seriously.

For her work with Project Angelfood, Rinna was receiving a humanitarian award at a big fancy gala. Before the gala, Dorit, Kyle, Erika, Eden and Vanderpump got together to help prepare meals. Kyle worked at a station with Eden for a while, and although they were civil, Kyle was definitely icy toward the new addition to the circle.

The night of the event finally arrived, and pretty much everyone came out to support Rinna — everyone except Vanderpump (who made up some excuse that didn’t sound very legit) and Eileen Davidson (who genuinely seemed to be sick). Harry Hamlin made a sweet introductory speech for his wife, calling her the light of his life, and Rinna graciously accepted her award. During the dinner, Eden began gabbing about her new flame, who was apparently a much younger “former model” who lived in London. Also, she hadn’t actually met him in person. Despite still being annoyed with Eden, Kyle chimed in to tell her this relationship “sounds like a flippin’ disaster” and argue that Eden could do better. All Eden took from that was that Kyle cared about her.

Tell Us: Do you think Kyle and Eden might eventually become friends?

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs on Bravo Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET. 

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