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‘Real Housewives of New Jersey’ Recap: Jacqueline Laurita Confronts Teresa Giudice About Sending ‘Mixed Signals’

Sometimes the only way to move forward is to take a few steps back — just as Jacqueline Laurita and Teresa Giudice did on the Sunday, July 24, episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. The two former friends were busy trying to navigate their future friendship, but neither was sure how to do it.

Teresa Giudici
Teresa Giudici Bravo/Virginia Sherwood

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After basically driving herself (and her husband) crazy as she talked her way through her mixed emotions about Teresa, Jacqueline finally decided to bite the bullet, take Teresa some Starbucks, and just ask her what she was hoping for in terms of their relationship. Teresa’s response? “What the hell is she doing here?” the former inmate asked the camera.

Jacqueline Confronts Teresa

Despite Teresa’s confusion about Jacqueline just showing up at her door, she invited her inside for a chat. Jacqueline began by saying she “felt like she was getting a lot of mixed signals” from Teresa since she’d come home. Teresa responded by pointing out she’d only been back for a week, but added that while she had been at camp (camp = jail), she had prayed a lot and read the Bible. According to Teresa, her phone call on New Year’s Eve to Jacqueline was a genuine attempt at rebuilding the blocks of their friendship.

Jacqueline got emotional and began crying a bit as she realized Teresa did want to be friends again, and they hugged. The conversation then turned to Jacqueline’s autistic son, Nicholas. “He’s made so much progress, but you always want more,” she admitted to Teresa, who encouraged Jacqueline to pray about it. “Just her asking about Nicholas was a change,” Jacqueline later reflected to the camera.

Things then got markedly more upbeat as Teresa showed off her yoga (yoga = sex) moves and reported, in detail, the way women in prison made sex toys out of toothbrushes, gloves, and maxi pads. It was a short visit, but definitely a start.

Melissa Struggles to Be a Working Mom

Meanwhile, Melissa Gorga was busy trying to find the balance between work and home life as she prepared to open her boutique. It’s “going to look like you’re walking into Melissa Gorga’s closet” she vowed to the camera before getting into an argument with her business partner about including an outfit in the collection that was not a romper or skintight. (It seemed that Melissa’s closet must be full of things that are rompers and/or skintight.)

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Later, she dropped by Teresa’s for a visit and asked for advice about how to get her husband, Joe Gorga, to pitch in with the kids. Teresa basically told Melissa she shouldn’t expect Joe to do anything to help her and left it at that. For her part, Teresa was trying to make some changes in her own marriage, however.

Reflecting on what had gone wrong that landed her in jail, Teresa said she and Joe Giudice had an “old school” marriage in which her husband handled all of their finances and that had gotten her “in trouble.” (Umm. Yeah.) Having learned her lesson, she no would no longer sign anything without understanding what it was and what it meant. In other words, she wasn’t exactly taking responsibility for what happened, but she wasn’t going let it happen again. Live and learn.

Jacqueline Tells Dolores and Siggy the Good News

Having recently moved back into the house where she raised her kids, Dolores Catania was preparing to renovate to give herself a fresh start. Siggy Flicker stopped by to discuss the plans, which Dolores insisted were more “symbolic” than anything else. Just then, Jacqueline showed up (having come straight from Teresa’s) to report the good news that they were on the straight-and-narrow toward being friends again. Dolores, Siggy and Jacqueline all toasted champagne to celebrate.

Dolores’ Party Brings Everyone Together

Siggy and Teresa met up to plan Dolores’ birthday party. It was the first time they were meeting each other and they seemed like kindred spirits, bonding over their mutual love of leopard print and designer handbags. Though Dolores kept insisting she didn’t like celebrating her birthday, she wasn’t about to stand it the way of this determined twosome and the party went off as planned.

The birthday girl, Teresa, Siggy, Melissa and Jacqueline all showed up for the occasion, along with Kathy Wakile (who still wasn’t on the best of terms with Teresa) and Kathy’s sister Rosie (ditto). Teresa, Kathy and Rosie seemed to put their tension aside for the sake of the day, however, and hugged hello before toasting to “true friendships” and “new friendships.”

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Melissa, Teresa and Jacqueline then caught up, reflecting on their rich history together. Melissa praised Jacqueline and Teresa for putting the past behind them, noting that it was different for her own relationship with Teresa, since they were “family.” In case it wasn’t clear what she was saying, Teresa added, “I have no choice” (except to make up with her). It was a bit of a dig, but everyone was smiling and toasting so all seemed well. Jacqueline was beaming as she reported that things finally felt “back to normal” with Teresa, and Teresa promised “the best is yet to come.”

Melissa celebrated by getting very, very drunk. Fortunately, Teresa — who couldn’t drink thanks to her ankle bracelet — was on hand to act as designated driver. As Teresa drove Melissa home, Melissa playfully spent most of the time criticizing her sister-in-law’s driving. She later explained to the camera that when she drinks she is her own spirit animal, and that animal is “Melissa motherf–king Gorga.”

Tell Us: Do you think Melissa and Teresa’s friendship will last?

The Real Housewives of New Jersey airs on Bravo Sundays at 8 p.m. ET.

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