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Real Housewives of New York City Recap: Carole Radziwill, Dorinda Medley Mourn Their Late Husbands on Emotional London Trip

Carole Radziwill and Dorinda Medley
Carole Radziwill and Dorinda Medley head to London on an important trip.

London calling! Well, it was calling Carole Radziwill and Dorinda Medley, anyway. The pair arrived in the iconic British city to collect the ashes of Carole's late husband. Though the ladies had traveled together, the writer went solo to pick up the urn.

Shortly after arriving at the church, Carole let down her guard and recalled her husband's passing—and reflected on her own shortcomings during that painful process. It was a rare, self-reflective moment in the normally bubbly Real Housewives of New York City franchise, and it came across as very real and very raw.

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"I would say the last few weeks I was not able to really support him in the way that I wanted to because it was just devastating," Carole admitted to the priest. "I do wish that we had just one more day to tell him that I'm okay to know that he's okay, but you don't get that one more day. I just would like one more day, that's all, just one." She didn't officially cry—until she got back to the hotel.

Later, the widow reflected in a voiceover, "I feel like he's a big part of my life—maybe not in the number of years—but in my heart and in my soul, he's a big part of it. I didn't expect it to have the impact it's having on me."

Girl Talk Gets Serious

She wasn't alone long, however, because Dorinda came by to help debrief Carole over tea sandwiches and white wine. The two bonded over their common loss and Dorinda opened up about dating after her husband's death—and even revealed that she met her current beau, the controversial dry-cleaning magnate John, through her late husband, Richard.

"So put that in your pipe and smoke it!" she said to her critics later.

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But while the gals were in good spirits, their conversation did quickly turn to darker times. Carole revealed that her husband's illness really did take its toll on their marriage, prompting Dorinda to admit that she could relate to that feeling all too well.

"I, at the end of it, was so physically and emotionally exhausted, and so angry," Dorinda began. "I almost felt like after he died that I was happy he died."

She went on to admit that the first time she slept since her husband had really gotten sick was actually the night he died.

"You're not allowed to sleep while someone is dying. There's no time, so you don't because you're so fearful that if you fall asleep they may leave without you knowing so you don't sleep," she cried to the camera later.

Two of the Most Awkward Social Outings. Ever.

Meanwhile, back in the Big Apple, Ramona Singer was hot to trot into the dating scene. After receiving some advice from flirting vet Sonja Morgan about the rules of being in the dating pool (the most important of which involved keeping strange men brought back to the beach house outside, on the beach), Ramona headed out for a date with her business partner, Peter. Well, maybe it was a date. It wasn't really clear.

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"Peter and I, there is a bit of an attraction there, let's say," Ramona cooed to the camera. "He asked me out. I'm not sure if it's a date or not." Peter certainly seemed to hope it was, informing the giggly blonde that a date would involve him paying for the meal and the two of them having sex. Much to his disappointment, she then declared it a business meeting.

Back in London, Carole and Dorinda met up with some long-lost friends to reminisce about old times. Though it had been Dorinda's idea to reconnect with some of the former ladies she'd known during her time living across the pond, she seemed visibly uncomfortable as the conversation turned to her late husband.

Ultimately, though, she recovered, and even laughed while admitting to the group that—unlike what you think your husband is supposed to say when he is dying—Richard told her that he didn't want her to ever find anyone else.

"There was a life before Richard, there was a wonderful life with Richard, and there is a beautiful life to be had without Richard," she later said to the camera. "I really feel happy about that and excited."

Bethenny Tries to Get Ramona Laid—and Fails

To celebrate the launch of Skinnygirl Pinot Noir and Spicy Lime Margarita, Bethenny Frankel hosted a big kickoff party that involved sexy male waiters and women wearing red.

"I want to have good-looking guys in the room because LuAnn, Ramona, and Sonja are going to be there. They have expectations and I want to make sure that they have something to look at," Bethenny explained to the camera. Still, she couldn't help herself and gushed to some of her team members about Ramona's dating style.

"She's rabid like a dog in heat, like a rabid, wild animal," Bethenny laughed. (To be fair, Bethenny wasn't completely off base.)

Kristen Taekman came with her husband, Josh, and was delighted when Bethenny gave her a warm hello (though Kristen did note that she was the only Housewife there, so Bethenny didn't really have a choice). Heather Thomson also came with her hubby—but the real action was with the single ladies.

"Not to be negative, but I don't really see many hot men here. Where are all these hot men I'm supposed to meet?" Ramona asked the hostess with the most-ess.

Bethenny answered by telling Ramona that her fake eyelashes were falling off—before proceeding to do a pretty great imitation of the newly single blonde trying to get laid.

"Ramona has a bounty on her vagina. She is in the phase where she does not want to go somewhere unless she has the possibility of getting laid exists," Bethenny explained to the camera.

To be fair, though, Bethenny did try to introduce Ramona to a hot young guy and when Ramona didn't chomp at the bit Bethenny asked what the problem was. "He's a bartender!" Ramona quipped. "You told me you can only date successful men!"

"You can't say that to his face!" Bethenny told her friend before deeming her "bat s— crazy."

"Trying to get Ramona laid is like Saving Private Ryan," Bethenny lamented later. "We're all going to die trying."

LuAnn De Lesseps and Sonja were late but spirited arrivals.

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"I want you to know, I broke my tooth, ripping his shirt off," Sonja told Bethenny after some ambiguous incident involving a now-shirtless twentysomething man.

Bethenny laughed, responding, "I want you to know my boob fell out hearing that story!" (Her boob did, in fact, appear to fall out of the top of her jumpsuit.) And just like that, the good, old-fashioned, man-eater party girls we know and love were back.

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