‘The Real Housewives of Potomac’ Recap: Ashley Darby Confronts Gizelle Bryant, Katie Rost Needs an Engagement Ring

The Real Housewives of Potomac ladies' bonds were tested by a younger newbie on the Bravo series' Sunday, January 31, episode. Meanwhile, Robyn Dixon and ex-husband Juan focused on his potential move, while Katie Rost wasn't happy that she still doesn't have a ring from boyfriend Andrew.

The drama commenced with Katie's big interview for Washington Life in an attempt to raise awareness for The Rost Foundation. Katie explained how she previously would use her “good looks and charm” to make money but is now using it to better the foundation. However, her attention quickly turned, and Katie’s passion for her family’s foundation took a backseat to her pride in finally being able to claim Andrew as her own — engagement ring or not.

“Andrew has a reputation for being an eligible bachelor in this area, but once this article comes out, everyone’s going to know he is only with me,” Katie said.

A Triangle of Friction

Carried over from the previous RHOP episode, Karen and Charrisse Jackson Jordan still had their claws out for Gizelle Bryant. Karen and Gizelle met for tea and were able to talk their problems out, but it wouldn't be that easy for Gizelle and Charrisse. Gizelle accepted Karen’s apology in pure Potomac fashion: “I’m a big girl who wears big panties. Actually, I don’t wear big panties — I wear very cute ones — but I will accept her apology and move on.”

A Biracial Double Date

Ashley Darby was looking to expand her network and climb the social ladder, which first and foremost started with befriending the other women. She and husband Michael met for wine on a double date with Katie and Andrew. Ashley continued her free-bird spirit by explaining that her heart lies not with champagne but with brown liquor, which she believes is the "drink of Potomac."

Ashley and Katie bonded over both being biracial couples, and it seemed to spring a newfound friendship between not only the two girls but their significant others as well. The couples chatted about relationships and the time they’ve been together, but when Katie insisted that marriage is in their near future, Andrew responded by ordering more wine. Awkward!

Though Andrew didn’t have much to say regarding nuptials, he wasn’t short on words for describing Karen to Ashley: “Trainwreck. She’s older, more haggard, more stuck up than the other women.”

Wedding Dress Selling and a Big Life Decision

While Robyn contemplated selling her wedding dress and remembered all the good times she and Juan had, the bigger issue at hand is whether or not she will uproot her family to accommodate Juan’s (hoped-for) new job.

Robyn opened up about the financial struggles they faced when Juan’s NBA career ended, and now that he’s looking to expand his coaching career, life may be pulling them in different directions. Robyn got real about the situations at hand, mentioning that this is the biggest decision she’s had to make since the divorce.

Karen Will Not Fade Away

It’s prom day in Potomac! Karen got emotional while watching daughter Rayvin get ready for the big dance. Karen may be an emotional mom, even if her socialite side comes out more often.

“Potomac is a big mom town, and a lot of the things we do involve our children, so normally, when the children graduate high school, the moms tend to fade away into the background. I know a lot of people think that’s going to be me, but they’re mistaken. I don’t fade away — I stay and become better,” exclaimed Karen.

Swimsuit Shopping Equals Bonding

The fierce foursome — Katie, Ashley, Charrisse and Karen — headed to the local “teenybopper” store so that Karen could shop for her daughter. But instead of just being there for the ride, Ashley and Katie actually were there to try on the swimsuits, so Karen could choose.

Ashley was extremely surprised at the light-hearted energy that Karen exuded, and Karen was just as surprised with her connection with Ashley. Though Karen may like Ashley, she can’t help but give motherly advice to her, so she doesn’t run into potential problems. The "circle of life" in Potomac is about respect, and Karen isn’t shy about letting Ashley know.

Katie and Ashley showed off their stunning figures as they modeled swimsuits for Rayvin — new bestie alert, for sure!

A Whiskey What?

Ashley couldn’t have been more excited to have the ladies in to help with whiskey tasting for her new restaurant, but initially, the ladies weren't too thrilled.

“I’m dressed to the nines, and I didn’t know the attire was flip-flops,” said Karen.

“This seems like a grown-up man thing, and Ashley’s, like, a little girl,” quipped Robyn.

Meanwhile, Gizelle remarked, “I’m Gucci down to my socks, and y'all tell me to go to the basement."

But as soon as the drinks started flowing, so did the drama. Gizelle and Charrisse couldn’t seem to find common ground until Ashley confronted Gizelle about her “thot” comment. When Charrisse heard how Ashley handled things with Gizelle, it opened her mind and influenced Charrisse to make amends with Gizelle. Who would have thought the young buck and some whiskey could help clear the tension in Potomac?

Meanwhile, Katie and Andrew hit the town for a party in hopes to gain more exposure for The Rost Foundation. When confronted about their relationship status, Katie once again got frustrated and admitted, “Andrew needs to realize that this isn’t just about what I want. In the social circle we run in, you need to be married. We’re too old to just be shacked up.”

Back at home, playfulness turned into confrontation when Katie and Andrew began a discussion — probably too many glasses of wine in — and Katie wasn’t going to hold back.

“There’s no doubt in my mind that Andrew’s life has been a lot more exciting since he’s met me,” shrugged Katie.

Tell Us: Do you think Andrew will propose to Katie?

The Real Housewives of Potomac airs on Bravo on Sundays at 9 p.m. EST.

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