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Scandal Recap: Rowan Once Again Comes Out on Top in Father vs. Daughter Showdown!

Scandal recap episode 8
Us Weekly breaks down the five biggest OMG moments from the Nov. 12 episode of Scandal, including that gruesome death and Olivia's showdown with her father Rowan.

 It’s handled! Or, wait, is it? The Nov. 12 episode of Scandal was maybe this season’s most dramatic yet. From shocking affairs and phone hacking to snipers, the eighth episode of the ABC drama’s fourth season pushed the limits. Most shocking of all? Olivia, President Grant, and Jake working together! Us Weekly breaks down five of the most outrageous moments from “The Last Supper.”

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1. The Liv-Fitz-Jake Love Triangle Isn’t Exactly a Crime-Solving Dream Team

Last week Liv finally proved Jake’s innocence in the death of the President’s son Jerry. His exoneration, however, doesn’t come easily. Jake’s innocence means that he, Liv, and Fitz must join forces to take down Command once and for all. Talk about awkward! Unsurprisingly, most of their planning devolves into bickering. Fitz wants to take down B613 directly, but Jake won’t have him messing around in his territory – he wants to kill Rowan. Poor Liv is stuck serving as mediator. She tries to calm the still-imprisoned Jake by reminding him of their shared time “in the sun.”

“That’s one of our catchprases,” Jake smirks at Fitz. “It’s from our time on the island together.” 

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2. No One, Not Even Olivia Pope, Can Take Down Command

While Liv’s two beaus fight over her, she takes action. First she arranges for David Rosen to bring those oft-mentioned secret B613 files to the Pentagon to be looked through. Then, playing the damsel in distress, she calls her father and seemingly tricks him into meeting her for dinner.

As snipers line up outside the restaurant where the Popes are dining, Rowan delivers one of his many rousing speeches to Olivia. At first, it seems like Rowan is exercising good parenting – he even admits his failings as a father. It soon becomes obvious, however, that Rowan is yet again one step ahead of his daughter.

“You have forsaken me – your father, your family,” Rowan tells Olivia. “Those people, who you’ve chosen over me, those people are not your people, they never will be, and you will never be one of them.”

 Rowan’s men pick off the government snipers, one by one, and over at the Pentagon, David realizes the once full files now only contain blank sheets.

“You think the world is so terrible with me in it,” Rowan snarls. “Wait until you see what it’s like without me.”

And with that, he seemingly walks out of Olivia’s life forever. We have a feeling, though, we’ll be seeing Rowan next week.

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3. The Vice President Gets Around

After a car bomb explodes and nearly claims Vice President Andrew Nichols’ life, Mellie comes running. Their affair ended tumultuously after Jerry’s death – Andrew immersed himself fully into the vice presidency, leaving a grieving Mellie behind. 

Her recent experience with loss only serves as a wake-up call to rekindle the romance.

“That bomb went off and I woke up, my body woke up,” she tells Andrew. “I’m not the same person I was but if you’ll give me a second chance, if you will try…”

The duo passionately embraces, and the romance is seemingly back on. That is, until Huck witnesses the VP in another passionate embrace – with Liz North!

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4. Huck Horrifically Murders Someone in Front of His Son (Seriously!)

Olivia Pope & Associates are approached by an unexpected client this week – Elizabeth North (recurring guest star Portia de Rossi)! Liz’s phone is bugged and she wants OPA to figure out who’s doing it. Olivia quickly discovers the hacker is Cyrus, and shifts allegiances. When Cyrus explains that Liz has been using hired escort Michael to collect intel from him, Olivia is happy to betray her client. Olivia decides to go straight to the source – Michael – and discovers that despite a plethora of secrets to sell Elizabeth, he only gave her minor bits. Michael does reveal that Liz keeps a secret apartment, so OPA bugs it.

Huck, who is spending more and more time with his estranged son, Javi, decides to bring him on the stakeout of Elizabeth’s secret love nest. When Liz comes home, Huck plays the role of a good dad and sends Javi off so he doesn’t witness anything unpleasant. The plan backfires, in a big way.

Dan Kubiak, the creepy security guard from OPA’s other case, breaks into OPA’s surveillance van, only to be gruesomely murdered by Huck. Of course, this is the exact moment that Javi returns, ice cream in hand. It’s safe to say, their budding father-son relationship has officially hit a major snag.

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5. Fitz and Olivia Make Out in the Hallway 

These two! While Jake is stuck in the bunker, Olivia and Fitz are canoodling right down the hallway. Their encounter is aggressive – Fitz essentially challenges Olivia to resist him.

“You don’t want me to kiss you because of Jake,” he goads her. “You don’t know what to do, is it disloyal to want me or is it disloyal to want him?”

Later, when Jake challenges that Olivia could just abandon him in the bunker and run off into the sun with the President, she scoffs. 

“Don’t ever talk about me and the sun and another man ever again, don’t ever do that,” she tells Jake.

Olivia, make up your mind already!

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