‘Seven Year Switch’ Recap: Two Spouses Get Drunk and End Up in Bed

When your significant other sees living for two weeks with a stranger as a "vacation," your marriage might not be in the best shape. That was the least of the couples' concerns, however, on the Tuesday, January 10, episode of Seven Year Switch. Newly paired Kelsey and Dustin didn't waste any time getting to know each other, and she marveled in delight at his tiny shorts from his "fighter days." (ICYMI, Dustin was a professional fighter back when he met his actual wife, Jaclyn, but had since given it up.) 

Kelsey beamed at the camera and reported that her chemistry with her actual husband, James, was "lacking a ton," and it felt nice to be attracted to someone again. (That someone was her temporary hubby, Dustin, just to be clear.) 

Dustin waited about five seconds before he started to rag on Jaclyn. According to him, she wasn't fun, and she liked doing things that were free. (In his mind, nothing free could be fun, apparently.) "He's gorgeous," Kelsey said to the cameras, her mouth practically watering. "You never know what could happen." Guess she forgot how she promised James she wouldn't hook up with her random husband. Oh, well.

James and Jaclyn Joke About Their Kids

While their spouses flirted like high school students, Jaclyn and James got to know each other. Pretty soon after they began chatting, Jaclyn revealed that no one in her family even knew she and Dustin were married. James was a little weirded out, but also gave Jaclyn props for opening up to him, something he said Kelsey didn't do very often.

They spent their first night bonding over being the more responsible ones in their relationships and playing the tamest version of Never Have I Ever in history. "What do you think our 'kids' are doing right now?" Jaclyn asked James with a smile. We can answer that — they were getting drunk. Very, very drunk.

The Ambitious Aaron and Liliya Find Common Ground

Meanwhile, Aaron and Liliya bonded over being the more career-oriented members of their respective marriages. "I wish Heather was a little more driven with her career," Aaron confessed to Liliya, who, as an ER doctor married to a student, completely understood.

Because they quickly realized that neither one of them could (or wanted to) cook, they went out to dinner. Before they left, Liliya grilled Aaron about his outfit because she apparently had a thing about wanting to match her spouse. Aaron described her as "energetic" and "vocal," which seemed to be a nice way of saying bossy. He didn't seem to mind, though, and they looked totally in sync as they dined on a romantic outdoor patio at sunset. When it was time to turn in, Aaron gave Liliya the bed and slept on the couch, which she appreciated.

Tony and Heather Feel What It's Like to be Appreciated

It was a very different scene at Tony and Heather's house, where Tony got to work preparing a gourmet, home-cooked meal for his temporary wife. As they chatted, Tony soon said he felt bad because Heather wasn't as appreciated in her marriage as she should be. She seemed to feel the same about him. While Tony cooked, Heather made every effort to get up and help, but he absolutely refused to let her. "Even if I had that once in a while, I'd be so much happier," she said to the camera.

Not surprisingly, Tony happily gave Heather the bed that night, and she had trouble accepting it but ultimately did. She commented to the camera that Tony was putting her needs above his, and that was something that Aaron just didn’t do. Hmm.

Dustin Promises to Hook Up With Kelsey

While their significant others kept it PG, Dustin and Kelsey went out with the intent to "go crazy." She told Dustin there was no passion left in her marriage, and when he asked her if she wanted it to work out, she told him to ask her in a few more drinks. She then asked if he was open to a new relationship. (Side note: She might be getting ahead of herself there, considering Dustin seemed most interested in getting a vacation from being in a relationship so he could have casual hookups instead.)

Kelsey was basically melting in Dustin's arms, agreeing that this was just like being "on vacation." Back at home, Kelsey said Dustin was being "romantic and sweet" in a way that James hadn't been in a long time. (It looked like all Dustin was doing was pouring Kelsey pint-sized wine glasses, but maybe there was some sweet conversation the cameras missed …)

"Switch therapy was Jaclyn's idea, so she put me — I'm a male — in a house with a beautiful woman, so it's consequences that she put [into effect] that put us here," he reasoned to the camera. "I'm with Kelsey, and I'm not even thinking about Jaclyn at all," he said to the camera. "Something will happen," he promised. Unlike the other couples, they did sleep in the same bed, and the last comment Kelsey made to the camera before turning in was asking, "What would sex be like with Dustin?" Err … no comment.

Tell Us: Do you think Kelsey and Dustin are taking things too far?

Seven Year Switch airs on FYI Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET. 

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