Sheryl Crow Says Pal Kid Rock is “Super Conservative and Quiet!”

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Conservative, quiet, subdued and mellow are not words you'd typically associate with Kid Rock. Unless you're his longtime friend and tourmate, Sheryl Crow, that is.

Us' Ingrid Sheaffer caught up with Crow to discuss her role as lead ambassador for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital's Music Gives to St. Jude's (click here for more info) and also squeezed in a few questions about touring and her tots. Can you tell us about your involvement with St. Jude's?
Sheryl Crow: I have done quite a lot of work for St. Jude's over the years. When I was on tour, we would stop and visit a children's hospital every other day and play for the kids. The first time I visited St. Jude's, which was 25 years ago, it made a big impression on me. They are now instating a new program called Music Gives in an effort to get artists and fans involved in raising money for pediatric cancer. St. Judes operates purely on donations and it's free to anyone who needs treatment. They don't turn anyone away. The music industry is being urged to help. There are now text donations at concerts and TicketMaster has added an option to add a donation to concert ticket purchases — simple ways to raise money for St. Jude's in the music forum.
Us: Being a cancer survivor yourself, does St. Jude's hold a special place in your heart?
SC: Being a cancer survivor myself, you can imagine what it's like when you're a parent of a child and you're completely helpless at curing them. It's great to have a place like St. Jude's which is there to offer support. It's so important that we honor it.
Us: Does it hit even closer to home when you see these little kids?

SC: Absolutely. Your heart just breaks. You meet with these families and see how beautiful and warm it is for children. Kids spend years in and out of the hospital.
Us: Are you raising your boys with an understanding of how important it is to give back?
SC: Levi is too little to understand but Wyatt understands. Whenever we see someone on the street that needs help, I give him the money to give the person so he understands that wherever the opportunity is to help someone, no matter what their situation is, if you have the means and ability to help, you should help. I take him to the food bank and we went shopping for the family we adopted at Christmas last year. He's been involved in everything that I've done since he was born.
Us: How is your tour going so far?
SC: It's going great. It's like an extended summer vacation. We've gone to every water park, every reptile garden, every zoo, and every kids' museum, and Mount Rushmore. We've been super busy! At night mom goes to work and plays with Kid Rock. So it's been really fun for them and for me.
Us: What is it like touring with Kid Rock?
SC: He's super conservative and very quiet. He's been going around telling people that I'm wild and I throw TVs out the window and get trashed every night. I think it's only fair to say he's very subdued and mellow! We have a long friendship and he puts on a great show. He's just amazing.
Us: What's the show like?
SC: We do two or three numbers every night together and it's really cool. I think we have a really great chemistry that is pretty special.
Us: What's next for you?
SC: The tour finishes at the end of September and I'll start recording a new album in Nashville in October.
Us: Have you been writing while you're on the road?

SC: I've been writing, and I feel great about it. I've lived in Nashville for 5-6 years. I have a lot of friends there and I love the music and the music scene there. I think it'll be a fun and effortless record for me.
Us: Does touring inspire you?
SC: It does and it doesn't. When you're out with kids, it's different. I have to actually sit down and write and schedule time to work. [kids start yelling at her in the background and she shushes them] This is an example!

By Ian Drew for Us Weekly. To read more of Ian's blog, click here.

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