Singer: “Rumer Willis Has the Voice of God!”


We should have known this was coming.

Ever since Demi Moore recorded "Desire," a strange dance cut where she breathed Deepak Chopra platitudes over an ambient track a few years ago, it was clear that wouldn't be the last we heard from her clan. So it's no surprise that Moore's eldest daughter Rumer Willis, 23, who has seemed desperate to break into showbiz like her 'rents (dad is Bruce Willis) since she was born, would be the next to step up.

Yep, the young actress is now taking a stab at singing with "Because of You," a duet with actor/singer/songwriter Ryan Boone. decided to ask Boone how it went. Can you tell us about your single "Because of You?"
RB: The song will be released at the Hugo Boss Rooftop Beat the Heat Concert on July 21st and will debut August 1st on Itunes. Rumer Willis helped co-write the single, which is about two people wanting the same things in life but living on opposite sides of the world, not even knowing the other person exists. These two people come together and find one another, like soul mates. Not only does it sound amazing, but every word I write has a meaning. My music is positive for kids.
Us: How did you and Rumer Willis come to collaborate on this song?
RB: I met Rumer four years ago at a small intimate get together with some close friends. She was really sweet, amazing, down to earth and such a humble person.  She got on the piano and started singing and the voice of God came out of her mouth. She has the most beautiful voice, like Adele meets Robin Thicke. It is very sultry, just like her mother Demi Moore. When I finished the song the first girl in mind was Rumer because I loved her voice and the way she feels every word that she sings. I called her on the phone and she listened to it and said, "absolutely I’m down." Rumer can't do all of the events because she is filming two movies right now, so Jenni Alpert will fill in when she can't be there.
Us: We know Rumer Willis as an actress, why did she decide to pursue singing?

RB: She has always been a singer. Her mom is a singer and Bruce was in a band so she grew up around musicians. This is her first single, but I believe she will release an album in the future. I hope she does because it will be insane and I hope I get to work with her again.
Us: Was there someone in particular that you had in mind while you were writing the song?

RB: I never write a song specifically about one person. I start out with words or start strumming the guitar and I create a song. I use all of the energy and emotions that have gone on in my life, then the song comes to life. But I don't ever start with a topic.
Us: What can we expect from the music video?
RB: Your mind will be blown away. There are massive producers in the music industry working on the video. Arielle Kebbel from Vampire Diaries is playing the evil force in this video. Rumer is playing the starlet and I am the modern day prince charming. It is a Cinderella story meets modern day meets Stardust meets The Cell. It is every dimension of the world.
Us: How did you get started in the music industry?
RB: I started out writing songs for other people. I began to come into my own with my own voice and I realized, who better to sing my songs than myself? Perez Hilton randomly found the cover of "Paparazzi" that I did and he blogged about it. That was a defining point in my life. I realized that these people believe in me so I should believe in myself. I was also inspired by Bethenny Frankel’s book, A Place of Yes. This book completely changed my life. She has been an inspiration because she came from nothing and built an empire for herself and she never gave up along the way.
Us: Who are your biggest musical influences?
RB: I relate to Beyonce because she is so humble. Before she gets on stage she reminds herself that she is worthy of this and she deserves it. I also love Lady Gaga and what she stands for, and that is to love everyone. We are all human beings and no one is better than anybody else. She has taken her power and made a huge difference. My main inspiration and my favorite band is One Republic. Ryan Tedder's passion inspired me to never give up. This is who I am, this is what I am doing, and I will make it. When I watch performers I want to see them feel something so deep that it makes me feel something. Music and lyrics exist to move your soul and you don’t need millions of dollars to make music, you just need passion and talent.
Us: Besides the single what are you currently working on?

RB: I started a non-profit called SoulStar, which is a celebrity camp that is going to be held at Yosemite. Kids latch on to reality shows, which are unrealistic because a large portion of the population is not as wealthy as the Kardashians. I am going to bring ten of my celebrity friends that are all specifically good at one thing in the arts. The camp will have amazing performances and different classes taught by celebrities that the kids idolize. The celebrities will teach them about their craft and the kids will have the opportunity to fall in love with something. When the kids realize they are good at something, they will go really far. Kids need validation. The main goal of my music is to let people know that any dream or aspiration can be tangible if you believe in yourself.
Us: Any future plans?
RB: There are going to be people who can’t afford to buy the song on Itunes but I want everybody to hear it. I am going to try and stop in every city I can and perform at schools for free because all kids should be able to enjoy music. I just signed with Robin Thicke’s manager and I am going to start writing for a big record label and a couple of their artists. My dream is to touch as many people as I can with my music. I am here to serve as a vessel. There is such a bigger purpose for my music and this is the outlet that God gave me to be able to reach people. If there is a will there is a way.

By Ian Drew for Us Weekly. To read more of Ian's blog, click here.

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