Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance Cast Announced: Spencer Bledsoe, Shirin Oskooi to Compete Again

Twenty fan favorite former Survivor contestants are returning to play on season 31 of Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance. Monty Brinton/CBS

Some of them have waited patiently for 15 years to have a chance to outwit, outplay, and outlast again, and on May 20, fan favorite Survivors like Kelly Wiglesworth, Jeff Varner, and Kimmi Kappenberg learned they'll be packing their bags for Cambodia.

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Following a two week voting period, Survivor fans cast more than 10 million ballots to select season 31's 20 players from a pool of 34 returnees from seasons 1 through 30 who felt they deserved a second chance to compete after missing out on the title of sole survivor and the famous $1 million prize. Learning their fate during Wednesday's live season 30 finale (during which Blue Collar tribe mate Mike Holloway was named the sole survivor), the 10 men and 10 women immediately boarded a bus headed to Cambodia where they'll film for 39 days.

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While fan favorite contestants like Spencer Bledsoe (2014's Survivor: Cagayan), Vytas Baskauskas (2013's Survivor: Blood vs. Water), and Stephen Fishbach (2008's Survivor: Tocantins) made the cut, there were a handful of notable omissions. If you ask Us Weekly, Shane Powers (2006's Survivor: Panama) and Carolyn Rivera (2015's Survivor: Worlds Apart's beloved "Mama C") deserved a second shot.

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Below, find out which returning players will compete on Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance. Was your favorite denied another opportunity to play? Sound off in the comments!

Kelly Wiglesworth – Season 1, Survivor: Borneo
Jeff Varner – Season 2, Survivor: The Australian Outback
Kimmi Kappenberg
– Season 2, Survivor: The Australian Outback
Andrew Savage – Season 7, Survivor: Pearl Islands
Terry Deitz – Season 12, Survivor: Panama
Peih-Gee Law – Season 15, Survivor: China
Stephen Fishbach – Season 18, Survivor: Tocantins
Monica Padilla – Season 19, Survivor: Samoa
Abi-Maria Gomes – Season 25, Survivor: Philippines
Ciera Eastin – Season 27, Survivor: Blood vs. Water
Vytas Baskauskas – Season 27, Survivor: Blood vs. Water
Kass McQuillen – Season 28 , Survivor: Cagayan
Spencer Bledsoe – Season 28, Survivor: Cagayan
Tasha Fox – Season 28, Survivor: Cagayan
Woo Hwang – Season 28, Survivor: Cagayan
Jeremy Collins – Season 29, Survivor: San Juan del Sur
Keith Nale – Season 29, Survivor: San Juan del Sur
Kelley Wentworth – Season 29, Survivor: San Juan del Sur
Joe Anglim – Season 30, Survivor: Worlds Apart
Shirin Oskooi – Season 30 Survivor: Worlds Apart

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