‘The Bachelor’ Recap: Arie Finds Out Bekah M.’s Age — How Did He React?

The question we’ve had since the beginning of Arie Luyendyk Jr.’s season of The Bachelor has finally been answered. Bekah M. revealed her age during the Monday, January 22, episode, but did her confession change how Arie feels about her?

So Damn Young

Bekah M. landed a one-on-one date in Lake Tahoe, so it seemed only fitting that she would tell Arie how old she is — or rather isn’t. After horseback riding and so much making out, Bekah confessed to Arie that she’s 22. The 36-year-old Bachelor was shell-shocked, calling Bekah “so damn young.” Arie asked Bekah repeatedly if she was ready for marriage and said he needs a wife, not a 22-year-old girlfriend. Bekah wasn’t very reassuring, but Arie wasn’t ready to let her go, yet — despite the 14-year age difference. So, she got a rose. We smell trouble in the future for these two.

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Krystal on The Bachelor
Krystal on The Bachelor


Krystal continued to annoy everyone she encountered. On the wilderness survival-themed group date, she thought the other women were trying too hard to get Arie’s attention. (The words “desperation” and “juvenile” were used A LOT.) At one point, Arie put his arm around Krystal in a hot tub, while other contestants were in that same hot tub. Tia and Caroline pointed out the awkwardness of the moment to Arie, and Krystal later made a big deal about it. She pulled Tia and Caroline aside to confront them for supposedly hurting her feelings.

Krystal complained to Arie that she was feeling ostracized and targeted by the other women, but in the end, Tia got the group date rose. Krystal also interrupted Arie during the rose ceremony so she could talk to him one-on-one, although he’d canceled the cocktail party earlier. She fed him a few regurgitated lines that had no bearing on the current situation, but she mostly succeeded in making the other women hate her even more.

For fun, here’s a sampling of actual things Krystal said during this episode.

On talking to Arie: “Whatever I do, I have a feeling it’s gonna be perfect.”

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On being just too amazing: “I feel like it’s hard for me to really, like, shine who I am while trying not to be intimidating to the girls I spend the majority of the time with because I come across as flawless.”

On the other women’s insecurities: “I don’t know how I’m gonna get through the elimination of all these women.”

When Arie told her she was beautiful: *nods*

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Say Your Goodbyes

Elsewhere on this week’s episode, Maquel abruptly left after finding out her grandfather passed away. It looks like she may return next week, though, so don’t count her out yet. At the rose ceremony, Arie sent Brittany and Caroline home, leaving 12 women to vie for the boring turtle life Arie described when telling Bekah M. what it’s like to be 36.

The Bachelor airs on ABC Mondays at 8 p.m. ET.

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