‘The Bachelor’ Recap: Krystal Lashes Out at Arie, Calls Him a Liar on Disastrous Group Date

Arie Luyendyk, Jr Krystal The Bachelor
Arie Luyendyk, Jr and Krystal hugging on 'The Bachelor.' ABC/Paul Hebert

As much as Krystal annoys us, she is mighty good for drama. The much-maligned contestant turned her negative vibes toward Arie in the Monday, January 29, episode of The Bachelor, and to say it was intense would be putting it lightly.

Bowled Over

When the bowling group date began, we were sure the weirdest moment would be Arie licking a bowling ball (WTF, dude?!), but somehow, we were mistaken. The women split up into two teams: the Spare Roses vs. the Pin-Ups. The losing team wouldn’t get to attend the after-party with Arie, so the competition was fierce. The Spare Roses won the game, but Arie felt bad that some of the women wouldn’t get as much time with him, so he asked the Pin-Ups to join the afterparty as well.

Krystal was furious that Arie would go back on his word, allegedly calling him a liar on the bus ride back to the hotel. Krystal packed her bags and refused to attend the afterparty. When Arie found out about her hissy fit, he went up to her room to talk it over. Ultimately, Arie told Krystal she should stay in her room and not come to the party. Who knew a low-budget group date would give us some of the best drama we’ve had all season?

Arie Luyendyk Jr. ABC/Paul Hebert

Of course, Krystal got all dolled up and came anyway. Arie never seemed to realize she was there, though. Krystal spent her time talking to the women about her behavior, and Bekah M. turned the tables on Krystal. Bekah asked if Krystal changing her mind about coming to the afterparty made her the liar. One-thousand points to Bekah!

At the cocktail party, Krystal gave the other contestants an opportunity to talk to her — but not in a group setting because that opened her up to attack. (Why does this feel like an installment of The Lion King?) She also talked to Arie about their “first fight” and defended her outburst by saying she grew up in a bowling alley.

The defamation obviously wasn’t enough to turn Arie off from Krystal because he gave her a rose at the rose ceremony.

Chelsea and Tia’s One-on-One Dates

Chelsea got a one-on-one date with Arie in the “very sexy, cool” (Arie’s words, not ours) Ft. Lauderdale. She opened up about the father of her son and the heartbreak he caused her, and at the end of the night, Arie gave her a rose.

Tia also had a one-on-one, traveling with Arie to the Everglades. They had a countrified time (gators, frog legs, etc.), and once Tia told Arie she was falling in love with him, he gave her a rose.

Arie sent Maquel (her return following her grandfather’s funeral was brief), Ashley and Marikh home at the rose ceremony.

The Bachelor airs on ABC Mondays at 8 p.m. ET.

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