The Bachelor Season 19, Episode 9 Recap: “There’s Nothing to Do in Arlington”

This week on season 19 of The Bachelor: Chris Soules paces, pondering life and staring off into the distance while dramatic music swells. Our poor little farmer must give one of his three, beautiful remaining women the boot — and the decision doesn’t come lightly. The “emotional turmoil” leads to a tearful goodbye, as he chooses the final two contenders to be Arlington, Iowa’s newest resident. 

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Chris Soules and Kaitlyn The Bachelor
Chris Soules and Kaitlyn on The Bachelor

Kaitlyn: Monkeying Around

The women have finally escaped America’s heartland and are treated to one of The Bachelor’s requisite paradise vacations — Bali! Kaitlyn, 29, and Chris explore the streets of the Indonesian island and feed the monkeys. Kaitlyn lets her guard down, and stops with all the jokes, and finally admits to Chris that she’s falling in love.

The dance instructor accepts Chris’ invitation to spend the night. They enjoy a rose petal-covered outdoor bath and the Bachelor admits that he has fallen for her as well. Who would have thought the girl who told Chris to “plow [her] field” on night one would make it safely to the final three?

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Chris Soules and Whitney The Bachelor
Chris Soules and Whitney on The Bachelor

Whitney: Small Town Girl

Cue the run and straddle kiss! The Bachelor’s resident fertility nurse is feeling anxious about her relationship with Chris after her stone-cold sister denied his proposal request. Chris isn’t concerned about the judgey sibling, however — he’s worried about whether Whitney can really swing it in small-town USA. “There’s nothing to do in Arlington, zero… for a career or whatever you’re gonna drive,” he tells her, hometown shame showing through. 

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Whitney, 29, who already dropped the L-bomb on hometown dates, still feels confident that she’s ready for Iowa — and that she’ll walk away with a ring on her finger. Chris is satisfied — “I can definitely see myself proposing at the end of all this,” he says, as they embark on a romantic evening alone in the fantasy suite.

Chris Soules and Becca The Bachelor
Chris Soules and Becca on The Bachelor

Becca: Like A Virgin 

Let’s not beat around the bush — Becca’s one-on-one date with Chris is all about that V-card. Timid Becca, 25, seems mortified when an Indonesian medium tells the couple their big date will involve “making love,” and she balks at the idea of being ready to tell Chris she loves him, or even think about moving to Arlington yet. “I feel like I would have to feel like I was really sure about… us… before I were to make that decision,” she tells him.

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While the chiropractic assistant says yes to the overnight date, she finally admits her virgin status to the eager Bachelor. Chris tells her he “respects” her decision to abstain, but the next morning he wakes up “terrified” of what it means for the pair’s relationship 

The Rose Ceremony: La Vie en Rose 

Before heading into the rose ceremony, Chris sits down with host Chris Harrison to talk about how he’s feeling — but not before some dramatic voiceover strolling. He’s struggling to decide between two women — but it’s clear that Whitney has made it to the final two. Chris is concerned that Becca isn’t ready for the serious relationship he wants, but he’s still interested.

Dressed in traditional Indonesian garb, the Bachelor enters a local temple for the rose ceremony. Chris immediately pulls Becca aside for clarity on her reluctance to relocate. Becca better communicates her feelings — she is, in fact, falling in love with the charming farmer.

Whitney walks away with the first rose, and it’s Kaitlyn that gets sent home, heartbroken. Per usual, Chris struggles to articulate his feelings, telling her “there’s certain things I don’t even understand right now.” The beautiful brunette is packed into a car, and sent on her way — hopefully to becoming our next Bachelorette? Fingers crossed! 

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