The Bachelor’s Courtney: Her 10 Most Shocking Moments


After Monday's episode of The Bachelor, it's painfully clear that Ben Flajnik is falling in love with Courtney Robertson, despite a serious warning from former contestant Kacie Boguskie ("If you pick her, you'll get your heart broken," she told him.)

So how could he choose the meanie model over sweet Nicki Sterling to be in the final two? Perhaps the winemaker, 28, needs to be reminded of his potential wife's less-than-attractive on- and off-screen antics.

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Dumping her ex. Just a year ago, Courtney, 28, was in a happy relationship with a photographer, even talking engagement. But she suddenly cut things off — over the phone — telling him she needed three months alone. In reality, she was ditching him to be on The Bachelor.

Hurling threats. Upon hearing that another contestant tried to inform Ben of her evil ways, Courtney snarled, "I want to rip her head off and verbally assault her, or shave her eyebrows off in the middle of the night."

Skinny-dipping. After reeling Ben in for a flirt session during a fly fishing date in Puerto Rico on the January 30 episode, she lured him into the ocean for a nude swim. "It's not every day that you're in Puerto Rico with a guy that you like. You only live once. I'm hoping he finds me irresistible," she said.

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Sabotaging the competition. On the February 6 episode, when Ben pulled Jamie Otis aside for one-on-one time, Courtney stood a few feet away, stripping down to her bathing suit and laying on a chaise lounge while lifting her leg in the air.

Going braless. The other girls were pissed when Courtney bared her breasts during a group date in a Panama rainforest. Ben, however, enjoy the flash of skin. "I appreciated that," he said.

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Seducing random men. In Panama City, Courtney stepped out onto her hotel balcony and danced for a group of construction workers in a bikini, shaking her butt with her arms above her head while the guys whistled.

Making up mean nicknames. When returning to Scottsdale, Ariz., to film the February 20 hometown-visits episode, Courtney told family members she "had it all wrapped up" and didn't see any competition from Lindzi Cox or Nicki Sterling, whom she dubbed "Horsey" and "Fatty" respectively.

Staging a mock wedding. In that same hometown date, Courtney set up an elaborate mock wedding ceremony at a local park and coaxed Ben into writing his own vows. Even worse, she failed to note that her vows came courtesy of Sex and the City’s Carrie Bradshaw.

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Lying to Ben. Starting off her one-on-one date on the February 27 episode with an apology for her treatment of the other bachelorettes, Courtney begged Ben to realize "there's more good [in me] than bad." "I tried really hard to be nice with [the other women], but that's a really unique situation for me," she earnestly said. "I'd say something and they'd jump on me. I had my guard up."

VIDEO: Courtney "apologizes" for her actions

Sporting hair extensions. Despite her laid-back, boho chic appearance, Courtney is actual extremely high-maintenance. Those perfect chestnut locks? Extensions, a source tells Us Weekly!

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