‘The Challenge’: Veronica and Aneesa Break Down Rachel Bombshell, Reveal If They Hooked Up on ‘Dirty 30’

'The Challenge' stars Veronica and Aneesa
'The Challenge' stars Veronica and Aneesa 

Fans were shocked during this season of The Challenge XXX when Aneesa Ferriera revealed, during an August episode, that Veronica Portillo had dated her ex and fellow Challenge vet Rachel Robinson.

Now, Veronica is revealing that she didn’t hide that relationship from anyone – but together, they had decided to keep it off the show.

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“Everyone knew. Production knew. My friends knew, [my] family knew. Our communities knew. It was just not on the show. It was something that we chose to keep off the show,” Veronica explained on the reunion on Tuesday, November 21. “So for Aneesa to come out and talk about it when it’s not really her place, I was pissed … and I still am. For whatever reason, she decided to put it out there.”

Aneesa insisted she didn’t purposely try to “make it a storyline,” and did apologize for talking about a relationship she wasn’t part of. “It’s one of the most painful scenes that I’m watching back in all of the shows that I’ve done,” Veronica said, holding back tears. “I look very vulnerable and it sucks.”

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“I accept her apology,” she added. “It doesn’t take away the fact that she put out some information that was something that was a little sacred.”

During the previous episode, Veronica expressed that she hated the way her relationship with Rachel came out. “I feel honestly bad for Rachel for me to come back years later and talk about it when I didn’t talk about when we’re together,” Veronica explained in a confessional. “I feel like that’s really disrespectful.”

Aneesa and Veronica also appeared to have hooked up, going to bed together. However, they both insist nothing happened.

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“I went in there not really having positive feelings about her. I had a lot of distrust,” Veronica explained on the reunion, adding that she gravitated toward Aneesa since she didn’t really know anyone else in the house. However, she insists that while the girls were inebriated the night in question, “we did not hook up.”

“Nothing happened. I asked Marie, I was like, ‘I don’t really remember what happened but I don’t think anything happened.’ She was there in the f–king room. I know nothing happened. I would have known,” Aneesa added. “It was never anything sexual.”

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