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‘The Walking Dead’ Recap: Sasha and Rosita Storm the Saviors’ Compound

We’re down to the final three weeks of The Walking Dead‘s seventh season — and based on the events of the episode that aired Sunday, March 19, the next two weeks are going to be as action-packed and potentially devastating as anything we’ve seen from the AMC drama.

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In the latest episode, titled “The Other Side,” a surprise visit from the Saviors at the Hilltop threw a hasty plot into motion, as two survivors went rogue and tried to take out Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) alone. But things didn’t go according to plan in all kinds of ways, and now, there’s no telling what will happen next or who will survive. 

Happenings at the Hilltop

Because so much screen time in weeks previous was spent on the thrilling, extended battle for ownership of that junkyard cat statue, the latest goings-on at the Hilltop were conveyed via montage. The short of it: Maggie (Lauren Cohan) was hard at work and carrying a healthy, developing fetus; Enid (Katelyn Nacon) has learned to make artfully arranged fruit plates; Daryl (Norman Reedus) sulked a lot and Jesus (Tom Payne) casually came out as gay, y’know, just for the record.

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That caught us up to the present, and a surprise visit from the Saviors that sent Maggie and Daryl scurrying for a hiding spot in the root cellar — keeping in mind that if either of them is found, they’ll be in all kinds of trouble. As it turned out, the Saviors were there for another purpose: Having, erm, accidentally thrown their doctor into a bellows last week (whoopsie!), they needed a replacement physician. But a near-miss down in the cellar made for a pivotal moment between Maggie and Daryl, who has been consumed by guilt over Glenn’s death since this season’s first episode. And not only did Mags reassure Daryl that she didn’t blame him, she gave him a sense of purpose: “We have to win,” she said. “Help me win.”

Suicide Girls

Urgh, that awkward moment when you find yourself on a two-person suicide squad with your dead boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend. After a hasty exit from the Hilltop, Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green) and Rosita (Christian Serratos) set off together to take out Negan — only Rosita’s continued saltiness over her breakup with Abraham (Michael Cudlitz) was really killing the team spirit.

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But Sasha, bless her, kept trying, until she managed to convince Rosita to open up about her past. Turns out, all her bomb-defusing, gun-slinging, knot-tying survival skills were picked up from a litany of former boyfriends who she’d use and then lose once she’d learned all she could from them; sort of like a zombie apocalypse version of leaning in. The revelation led to a bonding moment over their shared love and respect for Abraham, and ohmigod, did these two just become best friends? Maybe not exactly, but it was definitely a turning point in their relationship … or what was left of it, anyway. 

A Change of Plans

While staking out the Saviors’ compound, Rosita and Sasha had spotted Eugene (Josh McDermitt) ordering folks around down below and assumed that he was “playing some angle,” which turned out to be roughly 1,000 percent more benefit of the doubt than Eugene deserved. When the women risked death to bust their comrade out, he sniveled, “I didn’t ask you to come here!” and fled back inside to cry and pet the jar of pickles that he’s nicknamed “my precious,” probably because he is the worst. 

And that was only the first nasty surprise. Back in the yard, Sasha slipped through the fence and then closed it, locking herself in and Rosita out — because sometime during their bonding sesh, Sasha had decided that the other woman was definitely not expendable. And while Sasha stormed the building, guns blazing, Rosita could do nothing but run … straight into the path of a shadowy figure toting a crossbow.

Is Rosita about to get the showdown she’s been aching for? Or has Daryl showed up to help her save the day? We’ll know next week. In the meantime, fingers crossed that Sasha isn’t staring down the business end of Negan’s baseball bat right now.

The Walking Dead airs on AMC Sundays at 9 p.m. ET.

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