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This Is Us’ Eight Moments From Mandy Moore’s Show to Make You Ugly Cry: Jack’s Funeral and More!

If your eyes are dry right now, it probably means you missed the Tuesday, January 24, episode of NBC’s tear-inducing drama This Is Us. After last week’s flashback episode, it was a relief to see our favorite Big Three in action with all of their intertwining adult stories. Read on for the eight moments that had Us weeping buckets.

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1. William’s Good Mood

The episode kicked off with William (Ron Cephas Jones) feeling great after ending his chemo treatment. He popped into Randall (Sterling K. Brown) and Beth’s kitchen looking like a million bucks. William, whose cancer is now terminal, said to his biological son, “I feel like sex. I feel like magic. I feel like music.” Beth (Susan Kelechi Watson) explained to Randall that William was having a “chemo boost.” She continued, “Happened to my dad when he stopped his treatment.” Thanks a lot, Beth. Even when this show is happy, it’s sad.

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2. Kate’s Trip to “Fat Camp”

Kate (Chrissy Metz) told her doctor she no longer wanted gastric-bypass surgery. “My fiancé, he just had heart surgery and it was terrifying,” she explained. “I just don’t think it’s the right time for surgery. At least, not now.” Her doctor then suggested Kate check into a “monthlong program in the Adirondacks.” Kate replied, “Fat camp?” The rest of the episode revolved around her jetting off to the weight-loss program — and instantly meeting a love interest! Uh, doesn’t Kate already have a love interest?

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Luckily for Toby (Chris Sullivan) fans, she rebuffed the horse trainer’s advances and insisted she had a “fiancé.” But still, we felt the chemistry bubbling up between them. For Toby’s sake, we hope it’s nothing serious.

3. Toby Is Kevin’s Love Guru

After Kate ditched her still-recovering-from-surgery fiancé, Toby spent the rest of the episode helping Kevin (Justin Hartley) with his girl problems. With Sloane (Milana Vayntrub) and Olivia (Janet Montgomery) still furious with him, Kevin spent most of the episode whining about which gorgeous and brilliant love interest to make a sweeping romantic gesture toward.

Toby took Kevin under his wing and said, “Lucky for you, I am the king of romantic gestures. … I have seen every romantic comedy ever made.” He then encouraged the ever indecisive Kevin to pick a girl, urging him to close his eyes and picture the love of his life. Toby, you are too pure for this world!

4. William’s Day Off

Our hearts melted like butter when we witnessed Randall shirk his high-pressure work assignment in order to take a long lunch break with his dying biological father. It was tough not to sob uncontrollably when William urged Randall to spend more time with him: “It’s such a nice day out. I don’t know how many of those I have left.” Randall was itching to get back to work when William declared, “One more stop. I need an egg cream.” Randall’s impatience later melted away when William revealed that he wanted to learn how to drive Randall’s car — a dying wish of his.

William revealed that when he was a kid, he always wanted to be “driving around in a cool car, drinking my favorite drink, listening to my favorite record. Something I always wanted to do before I died.” Randall took one look at his father and said, “Then you will.” Randall proceeded to teach William how to drive in a parking lot. William looked out the window of the slow moving vehicle and declared, “This is a dream come true, right here.”

Milo Ventimiglia as Jack, Mandy Moore as Rebecca

5. Jack Wants Another Baby

In a series of flashbacks, we got a chance to witness how Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) and Rebecca (Mandy Moore) celebrated their triplets’ birthdays over the year. We watched in awe as Jack and Rebecca agreed to take on the colossal task of three different birthday party themes for one massive combined birthday party: Madonna for Kate, magician for Randall and The Princess Bride for Kevin.

While bedazzling Madonna gloves for his daughter, Jack asked wife Rebecca if she would consider having “another kid.” He expressed concern over his children growing up, saying, “They’re not gonna need us anymore.” Jack is the perfect man, right? Eventually, Rebecca warmed up to the idea, saying she was willing to “have a conversation about it.”

Chrissy Metz as Kate

6. No One Shows Up to Randall’s Birthday Party

Later, at the kids’ birthday party, it was tough to see that Randall’s section of the party only had three guests. Rebecca and Jack instantly went into problem-solving mode, trying to convince Randall that everyone was probably just “busy.” Privately, Rebecca asked Jack, “Is this because he’s black? Those racist bastards, right?” Randall, the precocious child he is, insisted that the small party didn’t faze him.

He explained, “I have three really good friends. That’s a lot. And they all came to my party.” Rebecca told her son, “Randall, you are the coolest kid I know.” We agree!

Justin Hartley as Kevin, Chris Sullivan as Toby

7. Kate Remembers Her Father’s Funeral

While at her weight-loss retreat, Kate had a major breakthrough during a spiritual exercise class. When the instructor urged his students to “let it all out,” Kate started to close her eyes and picture her father’s funeral. This is the first time we’ve gotten a real glimpse at Jack’s death, and it was chilling. We saw the funeral program, Rebecca’s black dress with her prized moon necklace and a sea of mourners all dressed in black.

At the very end of the episode, we even got an implied shot of Kate, Kevin and Randall. While it was hard to make out what ages they were, it definitely seemed like they were much younger than they are now, possibly during their teen years. We’ve been hungry for more info on Jack’s death, and this tiny bit might just hold us over for the time being.

8. Kevin Had a Wife?

The episode ended with Kevin showing up at the doorstep of the “love of his life.” When neither Olivia nor Sloane appeared, we were thrown for a loop. Instead, at the door was a gorgeous blonde woman — Sophie (Alexandra Breckenridge) — who referred to Kevin as her “ex-husband.” Wait — Kevin was married? A series of flashbacks led Us to believe that Kevin’s Sophie was actually Kate’s childhood best friend, who ditched her during the Madonna party to hang out with Kevin. While Sophie didn’t seem thrilled to see Kevin, she did agree to meet up with him, which means we’ll finally be able to get to the bottom of this major twist!

The episode ended with Rebecca and Jack taking notice of Kevin and Sophie’s burgeoning childhood love. After the parents decided to not have another baby, the family ended up having an adorable wrapping-paper fight, and our tears were back. We love this show!

Tell Us: What do you think about Jack’s funeral scene? How do you think he died?

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