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‘This Is Us’ Creator Says Season 1 Finale Is ‘the Darkest Place We’ve Been’

This is it. This Is Us‘ first season came to an emotional end on Tuesday, March 14, and series creator Dan Fogelman talked to Entertainment Weekly in an interview published that night about what the tense scenes between Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) and Rebecca (Mandy Moore) mean for the couple’s future.

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The finale featured a number of rocky moments for the pair, including Jack getting into a fight with his wife’s bandmate and ex-boyfriend, Ben (Sam Trammell), followed by Rebecca later getting met with silence after demanding that Jack provide reasons why he still loves her. At the end of the episode, Jack promised a tearful Rebecca that their love story was “just getting started,” although fans sadly know that this isn’t actually true, given that the beloved patriarch is dead in the present-day action.

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“We have a marriage at a crossroads and a real low point, and we’re leaving the audience questioning a number of things, the main one being: We know at some point in this time period, Jack passes away, and what state is Jack and Rebecca’s marriage in when that happens? More than even how Jack dies, I would argue that that’s the biggest question looming over their story,” Fogelman said. “It was a bad fight, and it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s forever, but a fight that’s been gestating for quite a while doesn’t just get repaired necessarily in one speech.”

The TV producer promised that the show won’t “be coming back into season 2 with them divorced and sharing the kids on the weekend,” but that this is “definitely the most unsettling place their marriage has been.” He added, “I think people are going to debate who’s in the right or wrong, and I think people are going to debate what this says about marriage, and their marriage and other people’s marriages. I think it’s the darkest place we’ve been, but hopefully it also starts some really interesting conversations between spouses.”

In an interview with EW, Moore referred to the final season 1 episode as “upsetting” and said that the couple’s wounds won’t immediately heal from their tense fights: “There is a way to find forgiveness, but you never forget those things.”

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