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‘This Is Us’ Recap: Eight Moments From Mandy Moore’s Show to Make You Ugly-Cry (Saved From Drowning!)

Oh, no — not the waterworks again! This Mandy Moore and Milo Ventimiglia NBC drama is seriously killing it week after week — our tear ducts may not recover when it inevitably gets picked up for another season. This Is Us Tuesday, October 18, episode definitely delivered in the emotions department, and even made us laugh a few times. Here are eight moments that had us weeping … OK, bawling.

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William’s Backstory as an Activist

The episode started off with a touching moment from Randall’s biological father, William (Ron Cephas Jones), when he revealed to his granddaughters that he had helped the bussing movement in the 1980s, working as an activist for the Urban League. In the very next scene, William was stopped by the police after getting reported by Randall’s white neighbors for “loitering.” Tension grew between the biological father and son as Randall (Sterling K. Brown) quickly apologized to the white cop for his dowdily dressed father, offering to buy him new clothes.

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Kevin Blew His Big Broadway Audition

OK, the tears coming out of our eyes may have been from laughing so much. The way Kevin (Justin Hartley) botched this audition had us rolling on the floor — it was like he had never heard of a play before. He called the playwright a “screenwriter,” and when she corrected him, he said, “We all start somewhere.” His costar in the scene, however, was stunning, and we noticed some instant chemistry. We hope to see more of her! And we probably will, considering he booked the part because the producers thought the “manny” might sell tickets. Talk about artistic integrity!

This is us recap 10/18
Mandy Moore as Rebecca, Lonnie Chavis as 8-year-old Randall.

Randall Went Off on William

While shopping for pants, Randall stopped William to talk about the awkward silence that had grown between them. Randall then gave an impassioned speech that had tears forming in the corners of our eyes. The Emmy-worthy performance included, “Because I grew up in a white house, you think I don’t live in a black man’s world.” He continued, “There’s a million things every day that I have to choose to let go, so I’m not pissed off all the time.”

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Flashback: Kate Got Bullied

Part of the episode took place in a flashback, as usual, and this time it centered around a family trip to the pool. We were sobbing, wanting to hug our TV, when poor little Kate got bullied for how she looked in her Care Bear bikini. In fact, we started screaming at our TV when the mean little girls at the pool handed her a note that read, “We don’t want you to play with us anymore. You embarrass us.”

This is us recap 10/18
Justin Hartley as Kevin

Rebecca Got in a Mom-Fight

While searching for a missing little Randall at the pool, Rebecca (Moore) eventually found him over in the area of the pool where African-American families were hanging out. She got defensive with the mother of Randall’s playmate. Rebecca balked, “He’s not supposed to be over here. … I just want him where we can see him.” The black mother shot back, “You need a barber who knows how to cut black hair.” We were shaken. Eventually, Rebecca walked back to the mother and asked for the name of a barber. They ended up hitting off. We guess Rebecca isn’t so problematic, after all.

This is us recap 10/18
Chrissy Metz as Kate

Kevin Almost Drowned

With the rest of his family dealing with weight or race issues, young Kevin drifted away into the deep end of the pool — eventually gasping for air. He ended up pulling himself out of the pool, terrified. He then confronted his father about not watching him and paying too much attention to his other siblings. Jack (Ventimiglia) hugged him tightly and said vulnerably, “I know that I’m an adult. This is my first time too. I got three of you. I should have been there. I’m gonna be there.” Ugh! Jack! Father of the year, much?

this is us recap 10/18
Sterling K. Brown as Randall, Eris Baker as Tess, Ron Cephas Jones as William, Faithe Herman as Annie and Susan Kelechi Watson as Beth.

OMG! Jack Gave Kate His Shirt

Kate, distraught after being ruthlessly bullied over her physical appearance, sulked by the pool with a towel wrapped around her. We nearly lost it when Jack came over and gave her his ugly old shirt. He told her it was a magic shirt, and if she wore it her enemies would see her how she wanted to be seen, as “a warrior, a princess.” He then clarified, “Your daddy already sees you that way.” The little girl brightened when he bowed and called her “your highness.”

Toby Opened Up About Being Suicidal

When Kate (Chrissy Metz) tracked down, and essentially stalked, Toby’s hot, thin ex-wife, Josie (Natalia Cigliuti), she accidentally found herself interviewing to work at her luxury retail shop. When Toby (Chris Sullivan) found out about this, he nearly lost it. Fed up with Kate’s problems, he opened up about his own — even revealing he was suicidal. We felt his pain when he said, “I did consider suicide. A lot. When I would get drunk, alone, and disgust myself.” Toby! No! The couple eventually made up, thankfully. We can’t handle a Kate/Toby breakup anytime in the near future — there simply aren’t enough tears in the world.

There were so many other moments that had us trembling and reaching for the nearest Kleenex box. That scene when the three kids fell asleep on Jack and Rebecca? Randall’s daughter’s play? When Kevin showed up at Randall’s house at the end and met William? Ugh, our tear ducts are not happy with this show.

Tell Us: Do you think Toby should have forgiven Kate so quickly for stalking his ex-wife? And when do you think we’ll find out what happens to Jack? He’s the only character we haven’t seen yet in present day!

This Is Us airs on NBC Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET. 

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