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Inside This Is Us’ Latest Twist: When We’ll Find Out About That ‘Her’ Mystery

This Is Us may be a drama, but the mystery is what everyone is talking about. During the season 3 premiere, the question of “her” continued when the episode ended with another flash-forward scene. An old Randall (Sterling K. Brown) and Tess (Iantha Richardson) decide to go visit “her” and while in a lobby, Randall calls up to an old Toby (Chris Sullivan), asking him to come down and visit her with them. Toby, who noticeably isn’t wearing his wedding ring in the scene, is hesitant about joining them.

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So, will this be another mystery drawn out for two seasons? Definitely not, creator Dan Fogelman recently told Us, adding that “her” is someone that audiences have already met.

“The premise of the show, because it jumps in time, it creates natural mysteries. We learned from the Jack thing, we don’t want anything to overwhelm,” Fogelman told Us on the “Watch With Us” podcast. “With this ‘her’ thing, for instance, by the half way mark of the season, people will kind of know what all of those throw-forwards from the season finale were. I think it’s nice propulsion – how do you get from point A, which is present day, to point B, which is the future. That’s nice. To have people getting distracted by it for too long, kind of defeats the purpose of the show. We’re trying to strike that balance a little bit.”

Rebecca, Kate and Beth on 'This is Us'
Rebecca, Kate and Beth on ‘This is Us’ Ron Batzdorff/NBC (3)

He explained the mystery further on Tuesday, September 25, at the premiere event in Los Angeles.

“It will come in the course of the season,” he promised the audience “The story’s not about where it ends up, it’s about how you kind of get there. In the course of the season, you’re gonna get your answers. We’re not gonna string it out over seven seasons or anything.”

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Chrissy Metz also reacted to the reveal, telling Us Weekly ahead of the panel that when she find out, she was crushed.

“It’s hard to really fathom what’s happened, but it’s life, and things happen,” she told Us. “It’s not what we expect, but it’s going to be heartbreaking.”

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This Is Us airs on NBC Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET. Let us know who you think “her” is in the poll below:

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