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Trevor Noah Loves “Cuddling”: 25 Things You Don’t Know About Me

Trevor Noah
Trevor Noah

Late-night comedian Trevor Noah, who hosts The Daily Show with Trevor Noah weeknights on Comedy Central at 11 p.m. ET, shared 25 interesting things about himself with Us Weekly.

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1. My mom was so good at sports, my friends would ask if she could be on the team instead of me.

2. Growing up, I had 14 dogs. After the seventh, I just used numbers as their names.

3. I grew up in a very religious house.

4. When I was a kid, I ate so much food that my grandmother wouldn’t put it on the plate. I just ate what was left in the pot.

5. As a child, I wanted to be a policeman so I could arrest people who peed in the street.

6. Back then, I could only afford yard-sale books, so I read The Hardy Boys at the same time as Pride and Prejudice.

7. In my entire school career, I had only one opportunity to kiss a girl — because she thought I was someone else.

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8. When I was 13, my mom threw me a bar mitzvah. None of my friends came because they didn’t know what it was. Because all of my friends were black.

9. I’ve traveled to more than 25 countries.

10. I’m addicted to sugar, and allergic to it. If I eat sugar, my skin turns red and puffy. But I also smile a lot.

11. I don’t believe in supporting sports teams, I only support players. So sometimes I win and lose in the same game. 

12. I’ve never broken a bone in my body. (Touch wood.)

13. I love cars. My first was a white Volkswagen Beetle.

14. Once, my engine caught on fire. For the first time, I went faster than the speed limit.

15. I love technology. As a teenager, people would pay me to build computers for them.

16. I speak six languages, but only understand four.

17. For a few months, I played poker for a living. I quit because I lost all my money.

18. Because I’m a comedian, people don’t believe me when I tell them I suffer from depression.

19. I love cuddling.

20. I also love classical music, but I don’t know any of the titles.

21. I used to be a DJ who threw block parties. I would ask someone to give us power from their house, then I’d throw a party in the street.

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22. I also used to be a taxi driver — until my taxi was stolen.

23. I was the runner-up of South Africa’s Dancing With the Stars in 2008.

24. I’m afraid of the dark — and of being poor again.

25. I always have a song playing in my head. If you’re looking for me, follow the whistling.

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